Today’s your last chance to get one of our most popular offers from iDownloadBlog Deals: ending at midnight PT tonight, you can get 40% off the iFixit Pro tech toolkit bundle. It’s an awesome comprehensive bundle that will allow you to crack open and fix your devices, saving a ton of money on repairs or replacements. Plus, its from the most trusted name in tech tear-downs, so you know it’s high quality. Get it today before it’s gone.

The bundle comes with two products to manage all your tech-fixing projects:

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit – In this set you’ll find everything you need to get under the hood of your tech devices. The kit contains industry-standard digital gadget repair tools including a 54 bit screwdriver kit, opening tools, precision tweezers and more. Modern devices can contain hundreds of tiny components, and this kit gives you everything you need to make those tough and fiddly jobs a lot easier.

You’ll also receive the iFixit pro tech tool roll, a convenient case to pack it all away neatly and easily when you’re done with your repairs.

Magnetic Project Mat – When working with tech, it’s easy for small parts to become lost. Without a decent diagram or sketch it’s also easy to struggle when putting things back together again. Solve both problems with the Magnetic Project Mat. Screws and other metal components stick to it, meaning you’ll have every piece you need to put it back together again.

You can also use the wipe-clean mat to jot down notes and instructions as you go, making strip-down and reassembly simpler and more straightforward.

Get this awesome package for 40% off, bringing the price down to $64.99 with free US shipping. If you fix just one device with this kit, it’ll pay for itself. The deal ends at midnight, so if you’re interested you’ve got to take advantage now.

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