watchstand 1

Charge your new Apple Watch in style with the Griffin WatchStand Charging Dock. This sleek and functional gadget keeps your watch safe, with the cradle conveniently keeping it at a viewable angle. It’s the perfect accessory for your brand new Apple Watch, and it’s 10% off at iDownload Blog Deals – just $27 with free US shipping and $37 with international shipping.

Your watch’s charging cord plugs into the back of the unit, with any excess cable stored in its hollow post. The charging dock sits solidly on your tabletop with its non-slip, no-scratch base keeping it safely in place.

watchstand 2

The designers at Griffin have thought of everything with the molded base designed to keep your iPhone docked as well. It’s ready to use straight out of the box: just plug the Watch charger into the dock, place your watch on top and that’s it!

At iDB Deals, the WatchStand is just $26.99, 10% off the normal price, with free shipping in the continental US. For international readers, it’s also available for $37 with free international shipping!

The Griffin WatchStand is an attractive and functional solution to charging your favorite new toy. Treat your Apple Watch to the coolest and most comfortable charging station.