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Apple has posted its [fiscal] second quarter earnings report for 2015 this afternoon, and they are impressive. The Cupertino company beat Wall Street estimates, recording $58.01 billion in revenue on the back of strong iPhone sales.

More than 61 million iPhones were purchased during the usually-slow, post-holiday second quarter. That’s over 4 million above analyst estimates, and it looks like the handset did particularly well in China—up 72% year-over-year.

Here is a breakdown of the numbers this year, vs. Q2 in 2014:

  • Revenue: $58.01 billion vs. $45.6 billion last year
  • iPhone units: 61.2 million vs. 43.7 million last year
  • iPad units: 12.62 million vs. 16.35 million last year
  • Mac units: 4.56 million vs. 4.1 million last year

And here are some comments from CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri:

“We are thrilled by the continued strength of iPhone, Mac and the App Store, which drove our best March quarter results ever,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “We’re seeing a higher rate of people switching to iPhone than we’ve experienced in previous cycles, and we’re off to an exciting start to the June quarter with the launch of Apple Watch.”

“The tremendous customer demand for our products and services in the March quarter drove revenue growth of 27 percent and EPS growth of 40 percent,” said Luca Maestri, Apple’s CFO. “Cash flow from operations was also outstanding at $19.1 billion.”

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There seems to be a trend developing in Apple’s recent earnings reports: the iPhone surprises with stronger-than-expected sales while iPad sales continue to dwindle. Mac sales still look good, especially in an overall-down PC market.

Apple’s earnings call will start in just a few minutes. If you’d like, you can listen to it live via the investors portal, or you can tune into iDB for our recap. Perhaps most interesting will be what it has to say about the Apple Watch.

  • 9to5Slavery

    Wow…..I’m blown away..

  • Manor

    No Apple Watch numbers?

    • Virus

      pretty sure they put it with other products which is ipod apple watch and apple tv

      • George

        How funny.

    • Bam Bam

      I’m guessing they’ll mention it in the call?

    • Maxim∑

      they’ll mention it at WWDC, the watch hasn’t been out long enough to be officially included in an earnings report. I think there is a certain amount of days you have to wait

      • 5723alex .

        Apple Watch hasn’t been sold in Q2 so no numbers.

    • Melvco

      Tim Cook has said that Apple Watch numbers will not be broken out separately, and revenue will instead be counted with Beats and iPod sales, and other misc.

      I’m sure part of this is hedging, so there are no hard numbers in the event the Watch did poorly, but also to hide profit margins and other important figures from competitors.

      • Manor

        I remember he said that, but i taught that since rumors are that the Apple Watch is very popular, then Apple might give us the numbers…

      • Melvco

        oh like pre-order numbers or some such? Yeah that’s very possible.

      • Manor

        Hopefully they will. if the rumors are true and apple sold more Apple Watches in one day then google sold in 2014, it is really amazing!!

  • Qlobster

    revenue greater China Q2″15 is even bigger than Q1″15!! analists mind blown.

  • Whoa Apple. That’s a lot of revenue for the quarter after the holidays. Color me impressed.

  • Benedict

    Why don’t you mention anything about Q2 vs. Q1 2015 which is far more interesting? Because the numbers are around -22% ?

    • Melvco

      So we’ve tried reporting this in a few ways: numbers vs. expected numbers and this time we went with numbers vs. year-over-year.

      But Q1 is a holiday quarter, so I’m just not sure how interesting it would be to hear the comparison. Of course they numbers are going to be down, everyone got an iPhone for Christmas.

      • Benedict

        Q1/15 and Q2/15 is mentioned in the table so it should also be covered in the article whatever reasons there are for the decreasing numbers.
        Besides that, Samsungs gained in the same holiday period +2,2%.

    • johnsm

      quarters should be analyzed the way apple did. q2-2014 vs q2-2015 because of holidays/etc