Apple Watch in Water

You know, I was considering doing a “shower test” when I received my Apple Watch today, but I’m pretty confident that that’s no longer necessary. The Apple Watch appears to be water resistant enough to easily manage a shower or a splash. In fact, in this video, an early Apple Watch Sport adopter submerges the device in water for five minutes at a time. He even takes the Apple Watch for a swim in a pool. Watch this video and see the evidence for yourself.

Initially, we didn’t even think it would be possible to take a shower while wearing with the Apple Watch. Then, Tim Cook was quoted, perhaps a bit out of context, as saying that he wears his watch while showering. And finally, at its last media event for the highly-anticipated wearable, Apple officially stated that the watch is splash proof and water resistant, but not waterproof.

The Apple Watch features an IPX7 water rating, which actually means that the footage above shouldn’t really come as a big surprise. Here’s what a IPX7 water rating entails.

  • IPX7 rated devices can withstand incidental exposure to water of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.
  • Indoor/outdoor use in the presence of rain, snow or brief splashes of water is a suitable activity.
  • Any immersion of more than 1 meter, regardless of duration of immersion, or any immersion of more than 30 minutes, regardless of depth of immersion is not a suitable activity.

In the video above, it doesn’t look like the guy was deeper than 1 meter (3 ft), and he states that he did the tests for 5 minutes at a time. So he appears to be within the IPX7 specs, and hence we shouldn’t be surprised that it held up as well as it did.

I’m never going to take my Apple Watch swimming, but I will be using it regularly in the shower to listen to podcasts, and that’s going to be epic. What about you? Do you plan on getting your Apple Watch wet?

  • derp

    FYI. Whatsapp calling has dropped.

    • Newgunnerr

      Fyi, he did an article about that 2 days ago

      • derp

        FYI it’s actually active now. You can actually call people. You couldn’t before.

      • Newgunnerr

        Well i still cant fyi

      • derp

        The call button at the top in convos now makes whatsapp calls instead of calling out and there’s a phone icon next to peoples pictures in convos that makes whatsapp calls too.

      • Newgunnerr

        Nothimg for me here in the netherlands

      • titi

        Ja wel!!! In netherland.

  • Chindavon

    Impressive indeed!

  • Jordan Lewis

    They took it 1.2m underwater, which is slightly more than the rating, I have a feeling it has more water resistance potential.

    • True, Apple was no doubt being reserved with its rating. Which is a good thing.

      • Jordan Lewis

        Apple is quite reserved most of the time, I can usually get about 2 days of fairly heavy out of my 6+ when they say something like 12~14 hours. Most likely to avoid letting people down, or being on the safe side of the warranty.

  • o_O

    Bloody hell. The screen needs f.lux badly

  • This is silly. You might be able to do this once. Or you might be able to do it 50 times but it’s definitely putting the water resistance of the device at risk in the long run. There is a reason why Apple says you should avoid contact with water.

    • Why do you say that? If Apple states that it’s IPX7 rated, I don’t see the harm in this. They state it, so no doubt that’s the “safe estimate”.

      • Referee

        OHHHHHHHHHHHH! Jeff vs Sebastien!!!! ROUND 1!!!! COMMENCE!!!

      • Jamessmooth

        Mortal Kombat X “Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight”

      • Alexander Sundiev

        IPX7 – Withstands incidental exposure to water of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes
        But only the time will tell if it’s worth it. I’d love to be able to swim in it. But the rating says it has to be less than 30 min or 1 meter.

  • Jackson Cymerman

    Has anyone gotten a Shipping exception from UPS and delayed until Saturday?

  • ProllyWild

    does it matter? no doubt some maker will eventually come out with a water proof protective casing for it.

    • Yes it matters, no one wants to use a bulky case just to shower.

      • ProllyWild

        i suppose my priorities may be different, but is it really that vital that one have a watch on them in the shower? I’m sure there are a number of options for waterproofing this device, and while I’m sure many would prefer it be a standard feature, is it really such a vital feature?

      • Chindavon

        If you’re in a hurry getting somewhere, there will be times where you just don’t think about the Watch on your wrist and jump in the shower real quick. This proves, that you can rest at ease if this is you.

      • Depends on what kind of person you are and how much you need to keep an eye on the clock while you shower — but in my case? Yes.

        Having a Pebble is one of the few devices that I would say changed my life over the past year of owning one, and being able to wear it ALL the time is one of those reasons.

      • ProllyWild

        i suppose my original question comes off as a bit flippant, but by its current rating would it not be fine for use in a shower? i mean anything more than that, (like say long periods of underwater diving) and i would imagine a case would not be such a terrible inconvenience.

      • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

        Why would you ever bathe with a watch in the shower?

      • Zzyzxd

        I used to think no one wants to put a bulky case on an iPhone since it is slim and beautiful. But it turns out those cases that come with heavy batteries are pretty popular.

        So this time I won’t be surprised if I see screen protectors, frame protectors, full-body film and even battery cases for the watch.

  • M L

    I wonder if liquipel will come out with something for better waterproofing the watch.

    • Jamessmooth

      I’m actually surprised Liquipel isn’t more mainstream. They had a booth at CES in 2010 I believe it was, and I came away thinking it was going to blow up. Doesn’t seem to have yet.

      • M L

        They are only about an hour or so from me. I have gone down there to have my devices done for years. The impression I get is that they want to have complete control over the process etc. Keep it in house. That doesn’t work these days anymore for that type of service. At least not in my opinion.

      • Jamessmooth

        And has your experience been pretty positive overall? I guess obviously if you’ve done it for years right? 🙂 They seemed like a pretty cool company.

      • M L

        I have never had a device, after I got it processed, EVER go bad from water. Even the water tester patches they have inside don’t show any wetness, when I know I have taken it into the shower, dropped it into the pool by mistake, etc.
        I never hesitate to do my products with it.

  • Muhammad !

    Guys, is there anyone else who can’t sign into App Store ??

  • Jamessmooth

    Jeff, don’t you dare water test this thing. It ain’t worth it buddy!

  • Jon20

    What? No drop test?!!!! Lol.

  • Great article and video! Glad someone else took the plunge for us! Can’t wait to get my watch mid May…

  • The surprise is that if u put yours in the water and it brokes they will say “we didn’t say it is water resistant…” Lol

  • Ethan Humphrey

    Jeff, does this mean you got your apple watch already?

  • Stephaughn Alston

    Anybody know the mic he was using at the beginning?

  • R3D

    The low voltage elecronics don’t die instantly from water. But they will when the corrosion eats up the electric connections. No metal likes the salts diluted in the water.

  • Alexander Sundiev

    Lol, good point… 😉 I wouldn’t try my luck though. Shower is the furthest I’d take My aWatch.

  • Joseph Duffy

    It’s a bad idea to shower with any watch, no matter how water resistant. Steam can infiltrate the most impenetrable watches.