rise watch ad

It’s officially Apple Watch launch day, and Apple has already started celebrating by debuting 3 new advertisements for the wearable. On its YouTube channel, the company posted new videos entitled ‘Rise,’ ‘Up’ and ‘Us,’ respectively.

The ads are a major departure from the ‘Reimagined‘ commercial Apple has been playing since March. Each one focuses on a tentpole feature—time, fitness and communication—and demonstrates them using real-world scenarios.







Apple has thus far had a hard time communicating exactly what the Apple Watch is, and why you need one, to the masses. It would appear that it’s trying to remedy that with these new ads, but only time will tell how effective they are.

What do you think of these new Apple Watch spots?

  • avd98

    The hype keeps growing and growing… Cannot wait more 5 days, god dammit!

  • Elle

    Did anyone notice that if you wear it on your right hand that the watch face flips. So now the digital crown is on the bottom.

    • iBanks

      Yes. Noticed it in one of the review videos and thought it was such a neat thing to do. One of the small things that really makes this watch stand out to me.

  • Newgunnerr

    I want to have it but my iPhone and macbook are expensive enough..

  • Chindavon

    Stark contrast to the competition’s ads. Shows mostly what people will do on a daily basis with a smartwatch.

  • Sean Wright

    I have loved Apple products for years and I am trying to love the Apple Watch but it’s just not working for me. At that price I can’t justify something I have to pair with my iPhone 6 plus I just got. Maybe if it were a stand alone device? I get a new phone and iPad every year so for now I can’t see the need.

    • Stxle

      actually there are a lot of standalone features … basically all built in features work standalone, only the 3rd party apps don’t work standalone. Fitness, Music, reading received messages, check missed calls, Time, Alerts, Stopwatch, and some other things.

  • Nathan
  • coLin

    The Apple Watch is here! The Apple Watch is not here until June 🙁

  • Dante Arellano

    This ads is like apple pay i only used it once since last year……and didnt work

  • tariq

    Last ad at 0:43 seconds, looks like lady in car has LG smart watch..