Nokia HERE 1.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 005

Bloomberg reports that Apple is among the list of companies Nokia is hoping will purchase its struggling HERE Maps, as it seeks to cut divisions that are losing money.

According to the publication’s anonymous source, Nokia is seeking more than 3 billion euros ($3.2 billion) from a sale of the unit. It’s selling HERE Maps for the “ubiquity and utility” of its location-based services.

If the sale were to go through for the $3.2 billion that Nokia is seeking, it would be quite the loss for Nokia, who kept HERE maps following the acquisition of its device unit by Microsoft. Nokia purchased the mapping assets in 2008 for $8.1 billion, and they were worth about $2 billion last year, according to Nokia’s financial reports.

Launched in 2012, HERE Maps could potentially improve the mapping services of the purchaser. It not only has location content like road networks, buildings, parks and traffic patterns that it licenses to companies like Garmin, BMW, Oracle, and Amazon, but also a consumer-facing product that’s similar to Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Past Apple, Nokia is also working to sell the HERE Maps assets to Facebook, Baidu, Sirius XM, Harman, a group of German automakers, and private equity firms. It’s not clear who is the most interested in buying, if any.

For its future, Nokia is focusing on mobile-network equipment and services to better compete with Huawei Technologies, and a recent report also said it has plans to make an Android smartphone in 2016.

  • Maxim∑

    They should. Apple maps still cant even avoid tolls

    • Chang in Charge

      Definitely still needs work. Google Maps is still my go to.

  • No, don’t need nor want Apple’s dictator controls over my cross-platform mapping system…they should instead sell it to Microsoft just like their phone devision. That way, we can guarantee it’ll remain properly cross platform like most of Microsoft’s other services.

    • igorsky

      Why would cross-platform matter to an iPhone user? Purchasing HERE would improve Apple Maps.

      • “Why would cross-platform matter to an iPhone user?”

        Maybe ’cause he/she:
        – isn’t closed minded
        – uses both Apple and none-Apple devices
        – is prudent
        – has plans of switching to a none-Apple device
        – just likes competition

        Guessing none of the above apply to you…

      • N&LH

        ‘isn’t closed minded’… Prove all Apple users are closed minded, if you cannot prove that then shut up

      • Oh would you look at that, the Numbskull & Ludicrous Hypocrite has returned.

        “Prove all Apple users are closed minded”

        Not sure how you interpreted that as me claiming ALL Apple users are closed minded (which would actually be self-insulting in my case)…then again, it perfectly fits the numbskull & ludicrous aspect of you. Not surprised.

  • Rowan09

    If it was worth 2 billion according to its financials, why are they asking 3.2?

    • Valinor

      Because when they tried to sell the company behind closed doors, they noticed there were alot of interested companies and they could easily sell the company for 2 billion. So they went public to get more companies interested and drive the price up.