tego 3in1

While we’re all iOS fanatics at iDownloadBlog, the reality of today’s tech world is that we all use so many different devices. That means we need different chargers to keep all our devices running. New iOS devices use Lightning, old Apple devices use the 30-pin connector, and if you own practically any non-iOS devices (Android and otherwise), you’ll probably need a Micro-USB cable. With the Tego 3-in-1, you can get all three in one convenient, high quality cable. Plus, our deal gives you 30% off with free shipping.

While I’m a loyal iPhone and iPad user, when it comes to reading, I often prefer my Kindle Paperwhite to the glossy iPad screen. I’ve also tested quite a few wearable devices while waiting for the Apple Watch, and of course I own various techie nicknacks like portable chargers, none of which work with my beloved Lightning cable (another great iDB Deal).

Enter the Tego 3-in-1 MFi-certified cable. It’s one cable that has a standard micro-USB end, but includes two adapters for Lightning and 30-pin. Snap an adapter on top of the micro-USB end and instantly, you’ve got a new charging cable. “MFi-certified” means it’s up to Apple quality standards, so it should last a lot longer than most of the budget cables you can get online.

While quality is always important in a charging cable, convenience is the real winning factor here. Your days of carrying multiple cables are over. This one cable will charge your iPhone 5 and above, iPhone 4S and below, iPods old and new, Android devices, Kindles, and practically any other tech device made in the last 5 years. Normally $30, we’ve got it for $21 at iDB Deals, with free shipping in the US!

You’ll save 30% on the cost, but you’ll save a lot more hassle by using just one cable to charge all your devices.