Apple patent Watch Link Bracelet design 001

Innovation that went into conceiving, designing and engineering the Apple Watch extends to the bands, too. And as we count down the remaining days until Watches start shipping, the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has just granted Apple a trio of patents covering designs for the most popular Watch straps, branded the Sport Band, Classic Buckle and Link Bracelet.

Interestingly enough, all three patents are titled just “Band” and described as covering “the ornamental design for a band”. The newly issued patent grants arrived just one month following another USPTO patent award for the Watch’s Modern Buckle strap.

Patent drawings covering the design for the Link Bracelet with magnetic pegs and a spring-loaded butterfly clasp are pictured top of post. The accessory is made from stainless steel and contains more than a hundred meticulously constructed parts.

It also has a series of spacer links with individual release buttons allowing Watch wearers to reconfigure bracelet length themselves. Custom-made Link Bracelets in gold were spotted on the wrists of such celebrities as fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and pop singer Beyoncé.

The fluoroelastomer Sport Band design, illustrated below, features a pin-and-tuck fastening system which prevents bands from flapping about. As per Apple’s support document, the material has gone through extensive evaluation, including thousands of material composition tests and hundreds of toxicological assessments.

Apple patent Watch Sport Band design 003

Apple even consulted with board-certified dermatologists to ensure that the Sport Band doesn’t provoke adverse skin reactions. While it was originally suspected that the Apple Watch Sport would ship with two separate bands for sizing purposes, the Sport Band actually consists of three pieces to make either a Small/Medium (S/M) or Medium/Large (M/L) strap.

Apple patent Watch Sport Band design 002

Lastly, the Modern Buckle is only available for the 38mm Watch and was originally patented last month. Similar to the Milanese Loop, the Classic Buckle is based on traditional lugs that connect the magnetic peg system to a leather strap.

Apple patent Watch Classic Buckle design 001

All three patents credit Senior Vice President of Design, Jony Ive, and fellow designer Marc Newson, in addition to Apple employees Jody Akana, Duncan Robert Kerr, Christopher Stringer and many others, as the original inventors.

Another Apple Watch Edition-related patent published in March 2015 outlines a method that would presumably allow the company to make 18k gold that has, on a volume basis, less gold than regular 18k gold.

Source: USPTO Patent Nos. D727,197, D727,198 and D727,199,

  • Jim B

    wow, this is why I’ll never buy iwatch. this is bs, a band that’s been around for as long as the watch somehow apple got the patent for what? innovation and engineering. pretty soon apple will hit us with a charge for breathing the air. i can smell corruption

    • TJ

      you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about.

      • Jim B

        right on, I have no clue. make sure that you wipe off that brown apple stuff off your nose. apple has simply become too big and way too greedy and as a result they want to patent everything under the blue sky. placing an i in front of something dosen’t make it innovating or engineering especially if something’s been around for let’s say hundreds of years.
        I have a lot of apple products but I’am getting tired with all this iwatch ipatent ioverpriced ibs

      • TJ

        Obviously you have no clue about design, innovation and how patents work. If you invent and design something new then you have every right to patent it and that’s exactly what Apple have done.

        In the case of the stainless steel band there isn’t anything else available like it and that’s why they’ve patented it, to protect it against copycats. It’s not just a generic band, it attaches magnetically and can be removed with the press of a button, the links can be removed by the wearer again by the the press of a button and it has a spring-loaded butterfly clasp. All of these design innovations have been protected, as any company has the right to do. Similarly the Sport Band’s use of unique materials, magnetic attachment and easy removal, pin and tuck closure have also been patented.

        Like I said in my initial comment, you have no clue what you’re talking about. Some people just feel the need to spout rubbish without investigating the facts.

      • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

        Nobody’s stopping you from wearing your $5 Casio yo. Don’t talk about Apple watches being overpriced if you can’t afford it. They’ve been awarded a patent (look it up first) and it’s their R&D and you can’t have it for free because it’s not your invention.
        Having said that Jony was bang on target when he said that the Swiss were fukked. All this legacy and they dont even have competing link and clasp tech? Shame on them. They deserve to be buried. Didn’t innovate one bit.

      • mp

        Yes your point on the lack of competing link and clasp tech by the Swiss is very observant. Why is that I wonder, considering the prices of the ‘body’ they hold.

      • What

        Every business company is greedy Sherlock. Their primary goal is gain profit. Anything they do is for profit. Another thing, every company has the right to patent their work, although it may seem the same, but I can assure you it’s different in some way or form. If it’s too overpriced, then go buy a $5 watch. It baffles me that so many people have no problem buying 300% overpriced clothing brands, but they do when it’s a 40% overpriced Apple product.

      • mp

        What, you’ve made me reassess how I’ve been viewing this whole Apple price phenomena. Damn you What, damn you (fist clenched in air) 🙂

      • Kurt

        You can always move to another company. I went to Samsung for my phone and some other products because they are much better. But other companies like apple and samsung have a lot of bs oozing from them. on this site people for some weird reason are idolize an evil company and will defend them till the end.

    • Anthony Snyder

      There’s patents for every thing. Go ahead and check out Rolex patents. Or better yet check out Gallet & Co, the oldest watch company that exists today (According to a quick google search)… Patents have exists for a long time and is not new to watches anyway.

    • Mike Chavez

      Umh… What?

    • Rowan09

      You don’t understand how patents work. If you design a product let’s say the umbrella, but you make a specific way the umbrella opens or closes you can patent the design. This is no different with Apple, it’s not a special case. You can’t patent everything, you can try but you won’t get the patent.

      • Kurt

        He’s right, apple can patent a shape lol

      • Rowan09

        What do you mean by a shape?

  • Freddy Born

    so does this mean no 3rd party bands? xD

    • Franklin Richards

      No 3rd party bands that look like the original bands.

      • Rowan09

        I don’t believe it’s the look but the way you can change the size and the magnetic clip.

    • Virus

      There will always cheap china knock offs they don’t care about patents

      • Freddy Born

        they dont care SHIT xD . You are right.

      • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

        Just like how you won’t care when your shiny watch meets the asphalt.

      • Franklin Richards

        No need for Chinese knock offs. Check out Click Apple Watch adapters.

  • mike smith

    I like to read all
    People comment and how they talk about Apple products. People here fight for Apple lol when Tim cook is getting all our money. Drinking a nice drink. I know some people never wear a watch and now they will wear that crap

    • Jim B

      right on and that is my point. i am just tired for overpaying for the so called latest and greatest that will in two month be too old. does apple have some great products: yes but do they talk and sound like they invented the wheel: yes
      these watches, bands and such have been around for many years. some ppl either just woke up or were born yesterday

      • Rowan09

        If that was the case they wouldn’t be able to patent it due to infringement. Read what they are actually putting a patent on before making your incorrect statement is what people are saying.

  • Guest

    “the Classic Buckle is based on traditional lugs that connect the magnetic peg system to a leather strap.

  • burge

    “the Classic Buckle is based on traditional lugs that connect the magnetic peg system to a leather strap.”

    Based. So it’s not there own design it’s based. And they got a patent on it. So who ever came up with the first type of this buckle could and should sue apple for coping the buckle because it’s based on there buckle and there design.

    • Rowan09

      They didn’t patent the strap itself. You do understanding when submitting a patent application, as shown above you include pictures of what you are actually putting a patent on. You can make a buckle and I can make another buckle that’s easier to put on with my own design and put a patent on it, that’s all Apple is doing. The big thing for them doing this patent from what I can see is the magnetic strap.