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Apple on Monday began notifying pre-order customers that it is preparing their Apple Watch orders for shipment. Multiple members of the iDB team saw the status of their Watch orders change from ‘Processing Items’ to ‘Preparing for Shipment’ this afternoon.

Apple also began charging customer credit cards for their orders on Monday, something that it typically doesn’t do for new products until they are ready to be shipped. Combined, these signs bode well for Apple’s ability to get Watches out to customers this week.


This is great news for folks anxiously awaiting on their orders, as supply constraints and lengthy shipping estimates had many customers worried that their Watches would be delayed. Apple has even gone so far as to remove the April 24 launch date from its website.

Those who pre-ordered their watches on April 10th saw a wide range of shipping dates between April 24 and May 8, 4 to 6 weeks, and June. A previous report suggested that some Apple Watch shipments may arrive ahead of Apple’s estimates.

Unveiled in September of last year, the Apple Watch was technically supposed to launch this week. But an internal memo from Apple’s retail chief Angela Ahrendts indicated that retail stores may not have any Watches to sell until late May or even as late as June.

Are you seeing changes in your Apple Watch order status? Let us know below!

  • Yep! Mine’s (42mm Classic Buckle) preparing for shipment too!

    • Jamessmooth

      Cool! I was wondering if only sport models were shipping, but glad to know stainless models are shipping too!

    • Andy

      Dude, I see you everywhere around the jailbreak community.

  • iBanks

    Still upset my girls watch is coming before mine. Bet she won’t get it until mine come in though. I’m a hater. Lol

  • Wait there was ‘April 24’ delivery date? I thought delivers 4/24 – 5/8 was the earliest!

    • avd98

      Me too, kinda frustrated to be honest…

  • Lanre Ogun

    Crap mine still says Processing items

  • Chinch07

    My watch is “Preparing for Shipment” but the separate band I ordered still says “Processing”.

    • Guest

      That’s because they haven’t shipped the watch yet, at least i think…

  • Chinch07

    My shipment said “4/24 – 5/8” not “April 24th” but it’s “Preparing for Shipment. Hoping it comes closer to the “4/24” date.

  • M L

    Now we just need an 8/3 jailbreak to make it all complete…or a lot of us are losing our jailbreak!

  • Josh

    Hopefully mine gets here a decent time!

  • avd98

    Yep!! Mine too, so happy!!!!

  • peds48

    Has anyone with a message “Delivers: May 13 – May 27 by Standard Shipping” has gotten charged by now? Or has the message changed to shipping?

    • J3ff

      i am hoping to get my money taken soon! really hope to have the watch early next month not 13-27…..

    • Alberto

      It seems that mine already got charged on PayPal because I don’t see it pending anymore is has disappeared from the pending and the other watch still shows pending but it still shows processing delivery is supposably for May 14-28 hopefully i get it sooner I got the 38mm stainless steel link bracelet

      • peds48

        Awesome. Good to hear. Keep us posted!

      • Alberto

        Do you know what this means ??
        Did they approve my amount or decline it I’m really worried and I’m calling PayPal and they don’t even know but apple shows everything is fine any help anyone ?

      • peds48

        And it looks like the only charged you for the Apple Protection plan

      • Guest

        They are telling me I was approved for only 69??
        I’m confused really could it just be an authorization to see if I have the amount?
        I’m really confused

      • J3ff

        that would be for apple care! i was charged 75$ that night not for the watch tho.

      • Alberto

        Oh okay thanks I got confused

      • Alberto

        Will do 🙂

  • Jamessmooth

    Woooo one of my two watches are Preparing for shipment! It’s the 42mm space grey sport. My other, 42mm stainless steel with black sport band, is still in processing limbo.

    • Jamessmooth

      One more thing… I ordered the stainless model FIRST, then went back to get the sport model, and the sport model is shipping first. Found that interesting.

    • Zach Bennett

      Yeah my 42mm SS with black sport band is still processing as well. Hopefully it changes soon!

  • Sean

    Ordered (2) stainless steel models. One with white band is shipping, the one with black band is processing still.

    • I got a black sports band, and that is still processing as well…

  • Pokeh321

    Stainless Steel with Sports band is still processing. Guessing I won’t be getting mine day one…

    • I’m fearing that this will be an unfortunate truth.

  • Tristan DeFord

    Mine is preparing for shipment as well – 42mm space gray Sport version. I’m glad that it is… I had my preorder confirmation email 1 minute after preorder’s went live on the 10th.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    I ordered mine at like 3:07 and its got the 4-6 week shipping date. That’s just insane!

  • Kristopher

    Any report of the sport space gray in the preparing to ship status?

  • Jordan Agaran Riley

    Mines preparing for shipment!

  • Ken

    I ordered 38 minutes after launch and I still have June. anyone got the same thing?

  • peds48

    Waiting for someone to start posting they got a tracking number…. I placed my order at 3:05 AM on the 10th and it show delivery for mid May…SAD…

  • M L

    Anyone else ‘processing’ but still has the 4/24 – 5/8 date??

    • William Melendez

      Me, and I’m getting a little nervous. Hope it updates within the next 24hrs.

      • M L

        I guess there could be a ‘second batch’ that maybe gets received after the 24 but before the 8th that we are part of. Who knows

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    It appears that the Space Gray Sport model is shipping after the White Sport model. 🙁

  • Ace

    Mine is “preparing for shipment” and my credit card was charged today. Silver sport 42mm

  • Gary le

    Wonder what city they are shipping from? I am sure its not China?

  • [RΞCØИ1]

    Dang it. I hope my status changes soon. Got charged for the Apple Care. Just not the watch yet. Was hoping I’d get a little lucky since I got my preorder confirmation at 12:01.

    • William Melendez

      Yep, same here.

      • [RΞCØИ1]

        Damn well fingers crossed!

      • William Melendez

        Got an email thinking it was Apple activity finally. False alarm it was your notification lol

      • [RΞCØИ1]

        LOL. I jumped when I got both of yours.

  • Yea i thought so to. I got confused cause in the post above it said April 24 th as a delivery date. He fixed it now

  • Cheryl Matkovich

    My status changed to Preparing for Shipment Monday and my account was charged for my watch!! Mine is the 42mm Stainless Steel with Milanese loop band!