Vex—the tweak that allows you to apply custom themes to both Notification Center and Control Center—features several built-in options that look great. But none of the built-in themes look as good as MaterialOne.

MaterialOne for Vex is a new third-party theme that’s available free of charge on the MacCiti repo. It allows you to apply an Android 5.0-inspired look to both Control Center and Notification Center. Watch our video and see how.

MaterialOne relied on both Vex and WinterBoard for its theming platform needs. Once installed, you’ll need to enable the theme in WinterBoard and in Vex separately. After respringing, you should see the newly themed Control Center and Notification Centers.

MaterialOne brings Google’s well-received Material design visual language to iOS. Google describes the language as being bold, graphic, and intentional; where motion provides meaning. I don’t necessarily think we get all of that from MaterialOne, but there is definitely a stark design difference that’s brought to the fore by this theme.

Google has made some valiant strides as of late in the area of design, and I think this new theme does a good job of portraying that on iOS.

What do you think? MaterialOne for Vex is available right now free of charge on the MacCiti repo. Vex, which is a prerequisite tweak, is a $0.99 jailbreak tweak. Sound off down below with your comments.

  • Personally this looks a little too dark for my taste but to each his own…

    • Dan

      would be great for the battery if the iPhone had amoled

      • Kurt

        If it was black then it would be helpful. This is a dark valued gray so, as far as I know, it wouldn’t help.

      • Dan

        I may be mistaken, but I thought that darker colors on amoled required less battery since the pixel wasn’t light up at the same intensity (kind of like automatic luminosity). I’m too lazy to go look it up though.

      • Kurt

        I always thought it was only blacks saved battery. Maybe you are right. I’m also too lazy to look it up 🙂

      • mobilemann

        i’m fairly sure he’s right, and it’s only black.

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    Yes just what we need.. More Android shit on iOS.

    • Go and buy a android shit Phone

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Thats completely contrary to my comment.. why would I buy an android phone if I hate android on iOS?

      • expects then no android shit on IOS

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Yes, your english is not your best language.

      • Joseph

        I remember back when you could have legitimate discussions on iDB without fanboys like you ruining it.

      • Gregg

        You totally missed the point of his comment. Be quiet.

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      Hey Android is kinda good. I mean since they blatantly ripped of all of Apples parents them something has to be good about it right?????

      • Joseph

        I think you’re forgetting that it goes both ways.

      • mike

        I feel like apple is leaning to android more when it comes to changing the operating systems because if you look at what they added from iOS 7 to 8 it has a lot of android things. Some example are how they allow you to change keyboards, quick type, widgets, quick reply from notification bar, and etc. Nothing wrong with that but I’m just saying that it’s slowly becoming like android kinda than android is become like iOS

      • Kurt

        And both of them took many cues from windows phone os. More copying and less patents please.

      • Dan

        You’ve got that backwards buddy, but nice try

    • Dan

      Nice contribution, the iDB community is lucky to have you.
      I myself feel wiser now that I’ve read your comment.

  • With the tiny shadows, looks a less fugly and repelling than stock iOS 7+, but still much prefer iOS 6’s design…

  • coLin

    It’s good to have Android themes and features on iOS. Not ALL Android is crap

  • Guito Mendez

    Does Jeff have background music now? Haha sounds awesome!

  • Kurt

    Looks good, but I’m still happy with stock iOS

  • tavo barbosa

    Do we have a tweak for the lollipop keyboard yet?