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The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) told Apple on Wednesday that it will not spend another dollar on the Pearson software installed on its iPads, reports local public radio station KPCC. Additionally, the school district is seeking a multimillion-dollar refund from the Cupertino giant for its failed technology initiative to put a tablet in the hands of each of its 650,000 students.

“While Apple and Pearson promised a state-of-the-art technological solution for ITI [Instructional Technology Initiative] implementation, they have yet to deliver it,” David Holmquist, LAUSD’s attorney, wrote in a letter to Apple’s general counsel. “As we approach the end of the school year, the vast majority of students are still unable to access the Pearson curriculum on iPads,” he wrote.

Apple made headlines in 2013 when it announced that it had reached a deal with the second largest school district in the country to distribute iPads to students using Pearson software. The program, however, has received mostly negative publicity since then, with reports of the FBI investigating the merits of the deal and students bypassing tablet security to play games and surf the web.

Source: KPCC

  • Hahaha, nice initiative, just a stupidly limited device to merit it. Hope this pushes them to finally make a complete tablet (consumption AND productive task ready) worth the iPad’s price tag…

    • Kr00

      Had nothing to do with the hardware, if you cared to keep up with the story, moron. Pearson are no better than a used car salesman, and their software was garbage. The only failure here was Apple doing a deal with a company such as Pearson. Anyone who has dealt with technical book companies know what an utter racket it is. So go shovel you bullshit elsewhere.

      • Josh

        Hahahahaha. You mad buddy? What he said is the truth. But if you want to still get overly ripped-off by Apple, go ahead and keep believing in what you believe.

  • Tommy Gumbs

    This article is horribly written.

    The actual article is about Pearson and their inability to create software that actually works. The school district has decided to not buy any more iPad, and is asking for money back as they were sold a service by Pearson, that Pearson is not living up to. Now the FBI is investing the deal because it looks look the School district bosses may have had closer relationships with Pearson representatives than previously thought. The problem is not with the iPads, it with the horrible Pearson software. YELLOW JOURNALISM

    • Antzboogie

      Pearson and Apple were supposed to work together. From what I’m reading and

      • smtp25

        Apple supplied the hardware – just a partner, could have been hp or dell

    • Kr00

      100% correct. People just read the headline and go apeshit because it has Apple in the title. Pearson isn’t a company you can trust to do anything conscientiously. Apple shouldn’t partner with these kind of used car salesmen.

  • pnh

    Stupid California libnuts always blaming someone else. I’m willing to bet Apple met their part of the contract. There were no secrets what an iPad can and can’t do. If Pearson breached the contract then just go after them. My bet is LA schools are headed for Apple’s deep pockets.

  • JF Camarena

    what were they expecting? its money making apple!

    • smtp25

      yeh whats a corporate trying to make money for /s

  • n0ahcruz3

    They should’ve went with Surface Pro much better device. Ipads = big iPod touch /iphone

    • smtp25

      Surfacepro = not cheap, i’d also say unless heavily locked down its prone to people screwing up the config

      • Windows has always been easy to lock down/restrict since Windows Profession/Enterprise has been on the face of the earth. It comes versatile and flexible out of the box, but has options in it’s Group Policy Management GUI to control every aspect of how the OS can be used. From whether users are allowed to install/run new/current programs, to whether they’re allowed to install updates for those programs.

      • Snailpo

        You can get a surface pro for the same price as an iPad running windows. Any facility has normal security software that locks windows computers down.

    • Kr00

      Except there’s zero support for technical books. Fail!

      • What type of technical books are you referring to?
        I just grab my eBooks from Amazon and then I can read them in the Reader app that comes with Windows 8 (or have my Surface Pro read them to me), and I can write/annotate on them using the digitizer pen, just like I would on a physical textbook.

      • Kr00

        Idiot. You can’t by proprietary school textbooks from Amazon in digital format.

      • Right, in that case, if it’s just Pearson text books you need, you could easily just install the official Pearson eText for Schools app (bit. ly/1CXBU8O) from the Windows store…so, your “0 support for Technical Books” claim is invalid.

      • Kr00

        What about the 5,000 other textbook sellers? Everyone knows the ridiculous lack of apps for windows mobile devices gimps it from the get go, which is why is makes no money. A joke really. Explains why you use them and troll competitor blogs to vent your massive insecurities. Time to get a life buddy.

      • Haha, now playing the typical asinine bait switch game after realizing his claim is BS, get a none ignorant life, if you can, you ignoramus simpleton…

      • Kr00

        I see you’ve learned to read the dictionary. Good for you. How are things in the sheltered workshop going anyway?

  • gittlopctbi

    Well, as a teacher, I knew that the program wouldn’t work from the get go. Pearson is to blame for not being able to implement the software. But LAUSD should take the biggest brunt of the blame for even thinking that this would work. Even if Pearson delivered, putting iPads into the hands of students to take off campus (home) is a very, very bad–no stoooopid–idea. Maintenance of Win or Mac PCs is difficult enough with desktops that stay in the computer lab or the school library. And they thought iPads would “enhance” their education? I guarantee that LAUSD officials had to be cozy with either Pearson or Apple or both and made a backroom deal somewhere.

  • Christian Mejía

    I am a student in LAUSD and all I could say is that it was the worst experience ever. They made up take a test in which we had to answer it all on the iPad but you had to log in and go through a terrible UI just to get to the part you wanted. When I took the test it wouldn’t even log me in and I litterslly waited for it to load for 40 minutes until they gave me a new iPad to try again. It was so bad and I can see why they are done with this iPad bs.

    • Kr00

      Pearson supplied the software, not Apple.

    • Digitalfeind

      You poor SOB. I can see from all your misspellings and grammatical errors you have really suffered from this horrible experience.

      Btw, I am joking before anyone gets a massive hair up there/they’re/their butt 😉

  • mp

    Haven’t LAUSD exceeded the 14 day return warranty period? 🙂

  • xpunge

    Problem is two fold. LA school system didn’t do their homework and discovered that iPads are not actually manageable devices and that Pearson has never done anything well. I am familiar with both of these limitations personally.