iPhone 6 display color

Apple is reportedly testing two different designs for incorporating Force Touch pressure sensing into the screen of the next iPhone, according to a supply chain report Thursday published by DigiTimes, a hit-and-miss Taiwanese trade publication.

In considering how to best add the Apple Watch-style Force Touch technology to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which should debut this fall, the Cupertino firm could either place the pressure sensor underneath the touch panel backlighting layer or between the outermost protective screen cover and the in-cell touch panel.

Citing Taiwanese touch panel makers TPK and GIS which currently supply panels for the Apple Watch, the report explains that the company is more likely to opt for a design calling for the placement of the pressure sensor beneath the touch panel backlighting layer.

While this approach would avoid interference with the device’s in-cell touch panel, it would also require adding extra touch sensor components in addition to a new flexible printed circuit design in order to save on space.

Force Touch on an iPhone would distinguish between a light tap and deep press to provide easy access to hidden options. Revered analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said recently that Force Touch on the iPhone will monitor “the contact area on which the finger touches the screen to decide how big the pressure is” as opposed to sensing pressure from users’ fingers.

iPhone 6 inside view retina hd display

The Wall Street Journal recently corroborated reports of Force Touch coming to the next iPhone. According to one rumor, the feature could be exclusive to a larger ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ device.

Regardless of the implementation, outfitting iPhones with Force Touch is going to require adapting iOS for this new user interface paradigm while giving developers a new set of APIs to take advantage of pressure sensing.

Apple Watch Force Touch

Force Touch technology originally debuted on the Apple Watch and later made its way into the new twelve-inch MacBook and the updated MacBook Pro.

Alongside the re-engineered trackpad on these new Mac notebooks, Apple has also documented Force Touch on its developer website and released new Force Touch APIs in the OS X Yosemite 10.10.3.

Source: DigiTimes

  • hkgsulphate

    will the screen crack?

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  • George

    I hope the 6s is a flop, there is no reason why this technology wasn’t on the 6. Don’t save some stupid gimmick just to release the same phone and put an s next to it.

    • SkyFall

      Short answer: Your way of thinking is stupid.

      • George

        Nah, when they released the 6 plus and literally had zero new features is when I switched back to android. I’m enjoying my s6 right now 🙂

      • SkyFall

        Well the S6 is a nice phone but it has too much bloatware (more than the S5) when Samsung promised less. Well the “S” line always has the best upgrades and i don’t think that Force Touch is a gimmick and it will certainly not be the only upgrade they do to the phone. Camera will be upgraded too, chip will be upgraded…

      • George

        Actually I’m shocked at how much less bloat apps there are, and the camera is unbelievable.

      • SkyFall

        The S6 has 56 pre-installed apps. That is a lot of shit on the phone. Hell Samsung instead of paying Microsoft for a patent dispute they just added OneNote, OneDrive and Office Mobile… so theres Samsung with their promises…

      • Your Mother

        you are a perfect example of the lengths apple fan boys will go to spread lies and rumors.

        I have the S6 edge and there are nowhere near 56 preinstalled apps.

        you could quite easily go to any carrier and handle the phone for yourself or you could keep smoking cult of mac.

      • Your Mother

        please stop with the bloatware nonsense. first of all., you’ve not even touched the phone so you don’t know what it has on it. secondly, carriers are not all the same and secondly, if you don’t like an app you can uninstall it or disable it–its that simple.

        instead of the force touch gimmick, perhaps apple can give you a higher res display, I mean 326 ppi is soooo 2010.

        or they could give you enough RAM to make use of the 64 bit gimmick processor

        or they could give you freedom to use the NFC chip.

        or they could catch up to Samsung pay–apple pay works with only 10% of retailers whereas Samsung works with 90%

        maybe, just maybe you can finally get simultaneous voice AND data, maybe you can get real multitasking, or cross app sharing.

        there are plenty of real things apple could put in an iPhone to make it a real contender but they wont–because people that buy iPhones buy the brand not an experience.

      • Mohammed

        You mention that the force touch display is a gimmick , which means you don’t think its useful.
        But in the same time , you want a higher resolution display just to brag about it having more ppi???????
        64bit have other benefits , like increasing the size of the apps.
        Nfc freedom is most certainly coming with ios 9.
        True Multitasking? Yup , for me its the only thing apple needs to learn from samsung.

      • SkyFall

        Well here’s a list of sites that support my comment about the bloatware:

        http://appleinsider. com/articles/15/0…
        http://www.redmondpie. com/bloatware-n…

        http://gizmodo. com/the-samsung-galaxy…
        http://www.androidbeat. com/2015/03/sa…

        http://www.forbes. com/sites/gordonkel…

        I can find more a post it here but you get the point 😉

        As for the screen, wow aren’t you a hypocritical person. You can Force Touch gimmicky yet you say they have to squeeze as many pixels as possible on a 4.7 inch screen…
        Wow the fantoms is strong on this one…

        NFC will be available either on iOS 9 or iOS 10

        Cross App Sharing i think they putted that in iOS 8..

        Well about that last paragraph. You really think “normal” people would want to have a high res screen with NFC and real multitasking? Dude if you believe that you are wrong… Most people buy an iPhone cause its a phone with a simple OS, most people don’t even care about the specs. However Apple finally heard the other people who anted a larger phone with NFC. So there is hope.

      • Out5poken

        “S” line always has the best upgrades”
        That doesn’t really make any sense, as every gen of iPhone (except the 5C to a degree) will supersede the model before on specs no matter of its ‘S’ moniker.. so yes, this years rumored 6S will sport the latest in Apple tech, but next years iPhone 7 will no doubt crush the 6S (and more than likely have a new case design). 😉

      • SkyFall

        I meant the best upgrades in terms of new hardware/new software features. The 3GS had a better camera with video recording, the 4s had Siri, the 5s had Slo-Mo and Touch ID. And they perfect the chassis from any “gates”. The iPhone 4 had antenna-gate, they fixed it in the 4s, the iPhone 5 Black model had problems with its color they fixed it with the 5s. The 6 had bent gate and it’s rumored that Apple will use a more dense aluminum to fix the problem.

      • Rowan09

        What new feature is on the S6 from the Note 4 or S5? Dude everyone does incremental year by year upgrades, plus the 6S should adopted the same internals as the iPad Air 2 which is well overdued.

      • George

        I’m just bored with using an iPhone and that was my reasoning. They dont do enough to warrent an upgrade. Apple makes good phones that last a while but they are lacking in features. For example siri is still terrible and maps is a disaster.

      • Rowan09

        Are you less bored with the S6 I own a Note 2 as well as the 6+ and I prefer my iPhone jailbroken any day? Siri is fine to me and has progressively gotten better and maps is no longer a disaster. I work in NYC a lot and I put in an address and Google gave it to me and Apple maps didn’t. When I got to the locate it didn’t exist, so I had to use Apple to find the right place. Point is Google maps is not perfect and Apple maps still have ways to go, but it’s no longer a disaster. I sent a report to Apple about a Starbucks moving a block away from the location on Apple Maps (old location) and they sent me an email with the fixed issue the next day.

      • Your Mother

        what does a 6+ jailbroken do? apple didn’t even have the desire to make use of the extra large screen.

        the iPhone 6+ is nothing but a stretched out iPhone 5 compared to the Note 4 and when the Note 5 drops is going to be a killer.

      • Your Mother

        the S5 and S6 are as different as night and day and its far from an incremental update.

        Glass and Metal vs plastic
        QHD display vs 1080p
        64 bit Octa core processor
        wireless charging
        fast charging
        3GB RAM vs 1GB
        better speakers
        and a stripped down and much faster TW with an interface as beautiful as iOS

        its got an insanely dense ppi that destroys every phone on the market present and near future

        the biggest thing the S6 Edge has going for it is that for the first time ever, iPhone fans fear a phone that’s every bit as sleek and sexy as the iPhone.

        do you know how many people I saw at Best Buy trading in iPhones for the Galaxy S6 Edge??

      • Mohammed

        Lol, all of what you listed here include “more” or “better” , this is the the true definition of incremental update.
        Before you jump on criticizing me for not agreeing with your opinion, its not all bad, the glass back is sexy , and I actually prefer TW interface to IOS interface.

      • Rowan09

        Those are all incremental upgrades. The S5 had 2GB of Ram not 1 you knew that come on. Not add the difference from the Note 4 and see how the list shrinks even more. The S6 is the S version of the Note 4 without a pen, this is the reason I feel they should drop the S line. Prior to the S5 the Note was the phablet, but now they are both phablets.

      • Its the same for samsung and every other company. Do me a favor and name some important upgrades the Galaxy S6 has from the S5. Then name the downgrades. After that do the same with the the iPhone 6 and the 5S. Its okay you were tired of the iPhone, but the tiny minuscule gimmicky upgrades will be the same no matter what brand you have.

    • john myth

      If they released ForceTouch on i6 there wouldn’t be much to put on i6s

      • George

        You mean apple would actually be making the iPhone interesting?

    • Denali_

      You’re so quick to assume that ForceTouch isn’t going to be implemented on the 6s in a way that wouldn’t work on the 6 or 6+… Although it is gimmicky we don’t even know what it’s gonna be used for

      • George

        They’ve had the technology for a while now, it would of made the 6 plus a good buy instead of just making a large phone with no special features.

      • Denali_

        The 6 and 6+ were developed in 2013 weren’t they? I doubt Force Touch was being mass produced. Also, it’s their first phablet/phone. Of course it’s gonna suck ass. It’s their first attempt, that’s kinda how it works. You know, like the first iPhone. Or iPod Touch etc.

      • George

        Yeah but people can’t keep using that excuse. Just because its a first gen product doesn’t mean they haven’t learned from their mistakes since 2007. All you did was make a larger screen, will it kill you to add some multi window capabilities?

      • Denali_

        I assume you’ve owned a Apple product right? This is their marketing scheme. They release a shitty first version, then release a better S version. That’s why Apple is one of the most richest companies in the world. Apple also fully implemented a feature before just applying it like Samsung. But I’m sure we all know who your rooting for just from your previous comment so “arguing” about this will just come to the same conclusion. You’re gonna keep posting about how Apple sucks and android is superior and I’m gonna do the opposite

      • George

        I’m not saying any OS is better, I’m saying I’m bored of apples shit that they pull every year.

      • igorsky

        But you’re not bored making the same anti-Apple point in multiple posts on an Apple forum? Because let me tell you…that’s pretty boring.

      • mobilemann

        that’s a samsung and LG feature, not an android feature. the thumb print was pretty huge and understated.

      • Shadowelite123

        Dude there wasn’t any time to be honest. The iPhone releases at the same time every year. If you think its just that easy to add a feature, then you’re wrong. Look at the Apple Watch. Why do you think they didn’t release it right away with the iPhone 6?

    • Your Mother

      you should know by now that apple ALWAYS withholds features so that you have to buy another device the following year.

      force touch is just a gimmick anyway and has no real use. the iPhone 7 might give you a bump in screen res but the iPhone 7S will give you what you should be getting in the iPhone 6S.

      • Mohammed

        You keep insisting that its a gimmick , even though you haven’t used it yet??????
        Can you put a little bit of logic into your comments ?

  • Probably going to pass on this device unless there’s a major upgrade to the camera system. Obviously there are rumors out there that they are going to change it but the last couple devices have all been basically the same. Since I already have a 6+ 128gb there’s no reason to upgrade unless there’s at least 1 amazing new feature and the force touch isn’t one that would get me to jump for joy. It makes sense on the Apple Watch, not really needed on the phone.

    • Alberto Espinal

      Tony you said it makes sense on the Watch but they released it on the Macbook and it makes sense there too so why wouldn’t it make sense in the iPhone?

      • Honestly doesn’t make sense on a macbook either. It’s just a gimmick currently until they make it useful which i have no doubt they will but it’s not needed at the moment.

      • Alberto Espinal

        And you have tried it?

      • Agreed, at this moment (based on the uses they advertised it for) , looks to be just them integrating a minor digitizer input on the trackpad. That’s as gimmicky as them touchscreen Laptop-only devices.

    • DevXav

      Well, i’m not an expert on the subject, but…

      You should expect a decent camera update, memory increasing, as well as force touch on iPhone 6S.
      Not to mention multi tasking with iOS 9..

  • Christophe

    If Apple adds Force Touch to the iPhone 6S, what will be the difference between that pressure gesture and the touch-and-hold one ?

    • I think this will be their way of fancily renaming digitizer input. It wouldn’t offer anything major (besides the pressure sebsitivity for when writing/drawing) that isn’t already intuitively accessible via the action menu…perhaps they might be replacing some of the action menu items with this.

  • M L

    Give me 2gb of ram or more and I will switch. It’s is virtually the only upgrade that would make any sense to me. I still haven’t used up all my 128gb storage so that won’t make me switch.

  • mike

    Still waiting for the Samsung Note 5 :

    @TheSkyFall:disqus Even if samsung does come with 56 pre-installed apps you can still delete them with 3rd party apps, which you can’t do on the iPhone :

    • Your Mother

      except the S6 does not come with 56 pre installed apps.

  • DevXav

    Best comment.