apple watch giveaway

The Apple Watch is the must-have accessory for the summer. Whether it’s the ergonomic sports model, the elegant black leather loop, or the beautiful Milanese loop that gets you excited, there is an Apple Watch for everyone. With our new Choose Your Own Apple Watch Giveaway, you can get your hands on any Apple Watch you choose (up to $750) for free!

All you need to do to enter our free giveaway is sign up at iDownloadBlog Deals and click the “Enter” button. That’s it! If you want to increase your chances of winning and get extra entries into the giveaway, you can share your custom referral link on your social media accounts – you’ll get 5 extra entries for each friend you refer!

The giveaway is open to all users worldwide, but you must be age 21+ to win. You should enter with an email address that you check regularly, as that’s how we’ll contact the winner.

The Apple Watch is an incredible product – wouldn’t you like to win one? Enter, share, and win at iDownloadBlog Deals. You’ll be the envy of… everyone!

Winner announced!

Congrats to Noah S., winner of the Choose Your Own Apple Watch Giveaway!

  • John Smith

    Would love to win.

  • Scope

    FYI this giveaway is not by iDB but by StackSocial meaning you’re competing with couple hundred other sites not just idownloadblog readers

    • jamster440

      It is just like every other giveaway they show o iDownloadblog, even the iDB deals are all done by stack social.

      • Mohammed Gurain

        but still it is FREE, so no complains here.

  • Coop1701

    I really want to win this one…

  • Manor

    Can I have the edition? 🙂

  • Geekhound

    If i win, ill sell it and buy the hauwei watch!

    • Noohar

      Huawei Watch*

      • Geekhound

        My bad!



    • Jovani Hernandez

      If you win you can only chose a watch up to $750


        I thought the (sarcasm) was implied.

  • jamster440

    easier to win the lottery

  • veda99

    winning is not in our hands but I will have one on my wrist 😉

  • Fardeen Beharry

    Oops! It looks like the page does not exist.
    In the mean time, check out these sweet deals we have going on right now!

    EDIT: works fine now, may the odds be never in your favour 😀

  • Jeremy Spencer

    The only reason I’m not buying one is because of the current exchange rate. $1 Canadian = $0.79 American. Due to this the $750 Apple Watch costs $980 here. It was better back in 2011 when our dollar was worth more. Hopefully out dollar will grow and they will lower the app prices and product prices.

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    No edition⁉️

  • Joonyaboy

    SS 42mm with Milanese Loop please

  • @dongiuj

    Would be kind of cool to get a free one. I seem to be having some bad luck these days. I’m losing my dad, not sure how long he has left (obviously there’s no replacement and nothing that will make me happy about this), somebody hit my car recently and somebody put a massive scratch on my car yesterday. The good thing is that it’s my birthday so this would make a nice birthday present.

  • Dante Arellano

    IDB IS GOOOD …..tillll gets in to this kind of shitty stuff