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As noted by MacRumors, iOS 8.4 has brought another change to the table that’s remotely related to the Music app. Audiobooks—a feature that was found in the Music app for firmware prior to iOS 8.4—has been relocated to the iBooks app.

When you download or sync an audiobook to your iPhone, it’ll automatically appear in the Audiobooks section of the iBooks app if running iOS 8.4. Audio books feature a small headphone icon to indicate that it’s an audio book and not a normal book.

Audiobook iBooks 1

When you tap on an audio book cover, the book will pick up immediately where you left off. You can swipe left or right on the book cover to skip ahead or go back. If you swipe and hold, the progression will continue incrementally. You can alter the amount of skip forward and skip back time via the iBooks preference panel in the stock Settings app.

iBooks Preferences iOS 8.4

Again, this is a smart move, and it’s where audio books should have been from the get go. I’ve always thought it was weird that I had to go to the Music app to listen to audio books instead of the iBooks app. iOS 8.4 remedies this issue.

What do you think?

Source: MacRumors

  • Tim Farris

    i think its nice to share the software ( I NEED A DOWNLOAD FILE ) for iPhone 5s aka iPhone6,1

    • James G

      I recommend waiting for Beta 2. First betas are always buggy.

  • Rodney Coleman

    I got it from ATFDL .com

  • Brian

    Have they brought back the ability to see chapters in an audiobook?

    • Tyler

      This question. Nothing else matters.

  • iPhoneWINS

    IOS 8.3?

  • mrdude42

    very happy to hear this. the music app is not very good for listening to audiobooks

  • Kenny Bellew

    The problem is– Now apps that I purchased to play MP3 audiobooks no longer work properly.

  • Yeldarb2010

    I have seen an audio book with over 300 parts listed with ambiguous new track numbers and seemingly out of order based on the “track” duration times. It has made a mess of Audio books that have been sourced from means other that iTunes. And there seems to be no information on how to Tag your MP3 audiobooks to comply with what ever is happening in itunes when it moves them to iBooks.
    Definately should have tested this update much further and I hope it gets sorted out quickly.