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When you first think about Elias Limneos’ AudioRecorder 2 tweak ($3.99), the words “creepy” or “spying” or “illegal” may come to your mind. That’s because we usually associate recording phone calls with one of those words.

And trust me, AudioRecorder 2 features a few legal warnings that you have to work through before you can use it. There’s even a detailed legal disclaimer in the tweak’s description on Cydia.

But viewing AudioRecorder as a way to do bad things is totally unfair to such a great tweak. Not only is this release well-designed and extremely functional, it contains a bevy of practical elements that many may find useful.

AudioRecorder 2 is an impressive jailbreak tweak that allows you to record phone calls from a variety of sources and also lets you record system audio. You may be familiar with other jailbreak releases by Limneos, such as CallBar and BioProtect. AudioRecorder 2 lives up to the benchmark set by those two tweaks. Have a look at our full video walkthrough for the details.

Once you install AudioRecorder 2, you’ll need to become familiar with three different areas: Audio Recorder 2’s preferences, the app interface, and the manual interface.


The AudioRecorder 2 preferences is where you go to initially configure the way the tweak works. You’ll find a kill-switch, and a few global settings for providing audible warnings for in-progress recordings.

AudioRecorder 2 Preferences

You’ll also need to establish an Activator gesture that can be used to invoke the AudioRecorder manual interface. This manual interface will allow you to start and stop recordings while anywhere on the iPhone.

Lastly, you can establish recording settings for system audio, telephony calls, FaceTime calls, and Skype calls. The system audio option allows you to record any audio that comes in or out from you iPhone while an application is using the speaker or microphone.

AudioRecorder 2 warnings

The telephony, FaceTime, and Skype options all feature the same settings. You have the ability to record all calls automatically, or keep the audio recording on a manual basis, accessed via the aforementioned Activator gesture. You can also choose to auto record specified contacts, but I found this setting to be lacking in function in the version I tried.

Audio Recorder 2 app interface

The app interface is where all recordings are housed and managed. From here, you can play recordings, purge them, and share them using the iOS 8 share sheet.

AudioRecorder 2 Sharing

The app also allows you to establish auto uploading to a DropBox or Google Drive account and features syncing over cellular. For those of you who prefer to manually manage recordings, you can enable a web server to pull files off of your device from a web browser.

Audio Recorder 2 manual interface

The last interface that you’ll need to become familiar with is the manual interface. This is the interface assigned to the Activator gesture set up in the tweak’s preferences.

The manual interface looks like a little on-screen nub, and it can be dragged around the screen so that it’s not in the way. It looks a lot like the AssistiveTouch nub found in iOS’ accessibility settings.

AudioRecorder 2 Interface

Tapping the nub brings up an overlay that allows you to start a recording or stop an in-progress recording. It also denotes what the source of the recording will be.


I used AudioRecorder 2 to record a few test phone calls, and it worked as I expected it to. But that’s not how I intend on using AudioRecorder. I have no use for recording phone calls, and I have to admit that it feels a bit weird to even think about doing such a thing.

I think that the stigma behind recording phone calls is hard to shake, but I can see some real-world uses for it if both parties agree to do so. Suppose you were talking to someone and they told you directions to a specific location. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have an audio recording of those directions for when you actually needed them? I admit that the use cases that I come up with a few and far between, but I’m sure there are some that may find a feature like this to be instrumental.

My usage, however, differs significantly. I could see myself using AudioRecorder 2 to record system audio much more often that I’d find a need to record phone calls. Think about recording excerpts from a podcast and sharing them with a friend. I could definitely see myself using AudioRecorder 2 to record and share snippets of audio that I deem useful for my friends and family. And don’t forget, the built-in DropBox functionality makes sharing even faster.

AudioRecorder 2 Upload

Being that AudioRecorder 2 is the first and only tweak of its kind with this sort of depth and design, I’m fully on board with the $3.99 asking price. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever record actual phone calls, AudioRecorder 2 provides enough features and impressive design that makes it well worth its asking price.

There are a few limitations that you should consider prior to purchasing. The iPad doesn’t support system audio recording, which could be a deal-breaker for would-be iPad users. The iPhone 4S features a limitation that means you must use speaker to record regular telephony phone calls.

But if none of those limitations will prove to be a hinderance to you, I recommend trying AudioRecorder 2. If you’d like to try it, you can add Elias’ repo to your list of Cydia sources. His repo is as follows:

What do you think about AudioRecorder 2? Sound off down below in the comments with your thoughts.

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  • scoop

    Why can’t uninformed recordings be used in court surely that would be the way to catch someone? Informing them that they are being recorded would make them hold their tongue.

    • Chris Tangler

      i think it has to do with invasion of privacy laws…even criminals have “rights” i suppose…i guess the way i always look at these situations is “2 wrongs don’t make a right”…they will be punished for their wrong doings and then you will be punished for your wrong doings…not saying i agree with the law 100%, but this is just my interpretation of the law (this is for USA)

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      They are used in court, with FBI, NSA, and CIA authority.

    • pegger1

      Uninformed recordings can be used, but need a warrant first.

    • The Guy

      Where is your source? In almost every state you can record so long as one party is aware of the recording, i.e. the person recording… they use this in court all the time… just like video… used all the time without either party knowing its happening like that black guy getting shot by that cop.

    • Robbie Cast

      It depends on what state you and the caller are in. If each of you are in a state that is one party consent you can use it in court. If not then you are breaking the law not telling them.

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    So Jeff when is 8.3 jailbreak coming out

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    Did you gave away your phone number???

  • al7oot

    anyone else facing a problem while adding the repo ?

    • Rahimo

      No, no problem with adding the source !! but the problem is with downloading the tweak, it appears free, but when I hit “install”, it takes forever to respond !!!!

  • Nick Dee

    I run my business while on the road and by using Audio Recorder there is no need to be distracted by writing down information while driving. I use it everyday. AR2 is a great update to the original Audio Rec.

  • coLin

    it’s useful when you have a debate with someone and he/she says: I told you when you called me on the phone, and you’ll be like: no you didn’t! Liar! here’s the proof!

  • scotchedpommes

    Curious how AudioRecorder 2’s functionality compares to Super Recorder, if anyone here has used both. Only problem I’ve seen with Super Recorder was an inconsistent crash using FaceTime Audio, but it seems to work well and integrates fine with CallBar too.

  • Super well done app. Im just miffed I might have to lose it; when I get the Apple Watch and have to install 8.3

  • Lucas Rey

    Well, I’m currently using SuperRecorder, it works perfect, but I’m just curios to give it a try

  • ready1take1

    anyone else getting a “Failed to load. File read error.” message?

    • Rodrigo Cicci Ramos

      I am getting this error too! Please, anyone help us?

  • rsanthosh007

    Hi , any one have solution for “Failed to load. File read error.”
    i purchased application but in playback mode i am getting “Failed to load. File read error.”
    please help

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  • Janny Muller

    thanks for sharing using total recall app in my android and wish to the app run in my iphone 5c.

  • Pietro Silvano

    is there a way to disable the always present pop up icon?

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  • Marius Chiru

    I don’s see the audio recorder app interface… is there a vay to tell me haw can i acces the recorded files?

  • Yuriy P.

    I’m on 5s IOS 8.3 taig jailbreak. I’ve bought this app and it worked fine for couple of days. But now all recorded sounds for some reason are slowed down – the voice is extremely low and distorted. Tried to reinstall it in cydia, nothing helps. What could be a solution?

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Audio Recorder 2 is definitely useful. It saved me the trouble of editing a game via Unity to extract audio files. I simply recorder the in-game music and posted it to youtube in a matter of minutes.

  • Pastor David L. Bailey

    Any plans on making this ios9 compatible?

  • Tsrif Tsal

    I want to buy it, but when I go into the app via settings to activate my license, it says “No Internet Connection”. Ironically, I’m posting this comment using my cell phone’s internet connection.

  • Faez

    I dont have the nub to start recording

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    The downside is that it records in 128kbps m4a. Awful quality