Sprint International Value Roaming plan

Taking a page from T-Mobile’s Uncarrier book, Sprint announced on Friday that the company will offer free unlimited international roaming to customers traveling to specific countries.

Available to all Sprint customers, the International Value Roaming plan will offer the ability to travel to countries in Latin American, Europe, and Japan, and enjoy 2G speeds at no additional cost. Additionally, users will be able to send unlimited text messages at no extra cost, and make calls at twenty cents per minute.

Eligible countries for International Value Roaming are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Russia, South Korea, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Customers can easily add the International Value Roaming to their plan at no extra cost by visiting this page.

Users wanting faster data speeds can also subscribe to Sprint’s International Speed Data Roaming options offering up to 3G network speeds. Prices, available in different tiers range from $15 to $50.

Back in October 2013, T-Mobile was first to introduce a similar plan, offering free 2G data in over 100 countries, as well as calls at 20 cents per minute. Sprint, which recently gave up its spot in the top 3 US carriers to T-Mobile, has been increasingly trying to lure new customers with attractive offers.

Source: Sprint

  • Isaac

    Sprint still sucks.

    • This Guy

      Comments like this one are a complete waste of time. They suck for YOU… but NOT for EVERYONE. And guess what else? For ME personally.. AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile SUCK… but I don’t troll stories about them and post useless things. Pipe down, Isaac.

      • Matt

        Chill dude, Sprint does suck. There’s no defending a company who pushes out a terrible product to the public – in this case that being their cellular service.

      • This Guy

        You chill, dude. Clearly you also do not understand. Riddle me this, wise guy- If Sprint sucks so bad for everyone as you and Isaac make it sound like…then how are they even still in business? There are tons of happy customers on Sprint. You and your pal up there can’t seem to get it through your heads that YOUR experiences (IF you have even personally used them, that is..and of course I have my doubts on that) may differ from everyone else’.

      • Matt

        Clearly business isn’t exactly booming and they are sinking which is why they are offering all these “luxuries” that others don’t
        Also this:

  • Nathan

    Too bad they’re awful.

  • Wolfer

    Sprint for me it is not the internet fastest, but it is the cheapest in the country at the end of things. I have unlimited LTE, 3G, unlimited calls, unlimited mms, and sms, roaming free, international free, ringback tones for free, tethering, spotify, pandora, and other things in my iPad Air 2, 64 Gb, iPhone 5s 64 Gb, iPhone 5c 16 Gb, Samsung Galaxy 4, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, another iphone 5c, all cellular + wifi for only $150. For the most of the places I have been in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Washington DC, New Jersey, New York, California, Texas allways a signall in all of them, both LTE and 3G, sometimes in Roaming data plus calls and all the months the same price!!!! I had ATT before and paid $300 one time with only an iPhone 4, a 4s and a Samsung. And was not unlimited because I was grandfedered and they kick me off that old plan because the were not providing it anymore. Later move to TMobile and ended too paying more than $200 yes unlimited but I had only 2 phones…well now T mobile said it is giving you unlimited but read the small letters, only a quantity of fast 4g later after that quantity they put you in 2g for the rest of the month! So I change to Sprint and for more than a year I had no problem, yes slower speeds, but at least I can watch movies HD, facetime in LTE, etc and sometimes using 70 gigabytes of data at the end of the month only in my iphone 5s and the iPad Air. Right now I had used 45 gigs in my iphone 5s. Mom had one of the 5c, my girl have the other 5c, her daughter the samsung, my girl too had the galaxy tab. So I will stay with Sprint. Oh and they give me for free, no monthly payment nor nothing the galaxy tab 3.

  • A’s Network

    This speed throttle of 64kbps offers a seamless data speed transition from local US Sprint 4G to international throttled data speeds.

  • HugoV

    Sprint gives you the “best value” for your money. Also a whole bunch of fawking headaches.

    • Wolfer

      No headeches for me, only wait a little more when streaming from netflix for example… But after a minute or two, no pause anymore

      • This Guy

        None really here, either. Been with them since 2006. No complaints. ALL carriers have good and bad. Sprint works well for me!

  • john myth

    “Enjoy 2G speeds” .. enjoy 2kb/s?

  • n0ahcruz3

    TMO has more country coverage when it comes to free data roaming. And their LTE is fast i would get up to 40mbps speed. Wifi calling is nice too.

  • M2

    They have also added wifi calling to sprint iPhone 5c 5s 6 and 6 plus. Add th feature in the same area you add international roaming.