Koomus Air Vent

In some states, it is illegal to mount anything to your dashboard or windshield. However, it is much less safer to hold you iPhone in your hand while driving when trying to follow directions. One alternative is the air vent mount.

Koomus makes an air vent mount that stretches from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches, so you can secure your iPhone 6 to your car without it blocking any view through your windshield.

The mount has a rubber-finished clip on the backside that is pushed onto a car’s air vent louvers. The adjustable ball head allows for 360-degree rotation. The stretchable clamp starts at just 1.5 inches. When opened, it can fit a device measuring 3.5-inches wide. The rubber grip inside the clamp protect from scratches.

The mount is designed to be universal, and can fit smartphones with or without cases. Because the ball head rotates 360 degrees, it makes it easier to allow for air flow from the vent it is mounted to.

The base is designed to rest against the other vent louvers so it doesn’t flop around quite so much. However, air vent mounts are a tricky product since there are so many different kinds across so many models of car.

There is no real list for what cars do or don’t work with the Koomas. The vent clip is .75 inches long and .5 inches wide. Under the Customer Questions and Answers section for this mount on Amazon, one person described how to determine if it is compatible with your car’s air vent. The outside louvers must measure at least one inch. Or, if they measure less than one inch, they must be at least three-quarters of an inch from the inside louvers in order to fit. Of course, this is a customer comment, and not official information from the company.

Koomas’ Universal Air Vent Smartphone Car Mount is available in black or white on Amazon for $16. Because the clamp stretches to 3.5 inches, it is also compatible to the iPhone 6 Plus, which is 3.06 inches wide.

  • AnoNymouz

    Buying this… I need one.

    • Ashymer

      read all the comments before buying it!

  • Ryan

    How is this any different than the Kenu Airframe you guys plugged last year?

    • James G

      It’s cheaper. Has a 360 degree rotating head. Those are the major differences.

  • Tim

    I have one of those that attaches to your window with a suction cup but it has a nanopad on the other end. Best thing I ever bought for 10 euros.

  • Shingo

    bumpy proof?

  • rikomenzies

    The problem with these mounts is that during colder months, you’re blasting hot air at your phone.

    • al7oot

      I agree with but in another way. in my country especially in the summer where the weather is 50 c degree I don’t think I want to block the cold air

      • Ashymer

        agree with you and also once your phone is super cold and you go outside the radical temperature change can damage your device too

  • Jonty

    A very handy tool for everyone who have car.

  • Jonty

    Looking Cool How you hang the phone on Vent Great idea 🙂