keysmart 2

Bring order back to your pocket and reinvent your keychain with the sleek and convenient KeySmart 2.0. It’s a low tech solution to a common problem; house up to 10 keys in one clean unit for just $17 with our deal. But snatch it up fast, because the deal ends at midnight PST tonight!

The KeySmart is designed for two to four keys, but with the handy extender (included as part of the deal), you can fit up to 10 keys onto it. Once secured, the keys themselves fold into the Keysmart like a pocket knife, taking up less than half as much space as a normal keyring. It’s also got a convenient “loop” where you attach larger car keys, fobs, and dongles.

Made in the USA, this hardware unit is milled from solid stainless-steel for long-lasting durability. The KeySmart fits all conventional key sizes from 10mm to 55mm. At $16.99 including free US shipping, you can make your life a lot easier without breaking the bank. Get it from iDownloadBlog Deals before the deal ends tonight at midnight!

  • Raph Ael

    @IDB Deals,
    why no shipping to germany? i Would love to buy this, but no shipping!

    Please Fix for the future i think you have a lot of reader which live outside of the USA.


    • Sorry, this is out of our control. Some deals are available worlwide, but most aren’t.

  • Keyan Fayaz

    Would buy, but oops doesn’t ship to Canada

  • Kr00

    It should’ve been made clear to all readers that this offer was for US only. There is the rest of the world out here too. Ignore us at your peril.

  • QuarterSwede

    I’d buy this but unfortunately I have a few keys that are not allowed to be reproduced.

  • Dave De Smet

    A shame… US only 🙁

  • f1ght3r

    I would have bought it, but considering it doesn’t ship to Canada is a bummer. I’ll just stick to my Keyport, which is so much nicer anyways.

  • nyangejr

    Is that a shamesung?

    • nyangejr

      Aaah autocorrect