Twitter no Activity Discover tabs

Twitter giveth, Twitter taketh away. Twitter first said this morning that iPhone users can now upload and share their gorgeous 120FPS and 240FPS slow-motion videos through its mobile app and now we’re receiving word that the startup will soon axe the Discover and Activity tabs from Twitter for iPhone and iPad.

The change, apparently a result of lack of interest, will be rolling out to mobile users over the next few days.

Both the Discover and Activity tabs will be removed as Twitter seeks out new ways to encourage content discovery and trending hashtags on the network.

As shown above, the new way of displaying hashtags and exploring what’s trending revolves around a redesigned Search interface. There, brief snippets of information regarding trending topics will be offered, such as a description below each trend, how many tweets have been sent, whether viral content is trending upwards or downwards in popularity and more.

Both Twitter for iOS and Android will be affected by this change. The new trends with descriptions experience is rolling out now in the U.S. in English for users who have tailored trends on iOS and Android.

“We’re currently experimenting with similar features on web and look forward to expanding this experience to more countries in the future,” noted the startup. No app update will be required as Twitter will remove both tabs via a silent refresh of its backend.

In addition to announcing support the iPhone’s slow-motion video this morning, Twitter earlier this week rolled out a redesigned ‘Quote Tweet’ feature with comments and earlier refreshed TweetDeck for Mac with group direct messaging feature, inline video, support for animated GIFs and more.

Twitter is available at no cost in the App Store and Mac App Store.

Source: Twitter

  • Rob180sx

    Twitter just took away half of my content by doing this. I used to be able to find out new thing going on in the news with discover tab. Now I feel like I’m in the dark. I ditched Facebook maybe now it’s time to ditch Twitter too.

  • andyr354

    I used the discover tab all the time. Will miss it.

    I second Rob180sx. Time to move out maybe.

  • justme

    if you want to “discover” or see the TT.
    just simply press the search button and you’ll see all trends there.
    I like it. it’s more simple to me.

    • Sarah McWilliams

      That just shows you the trending hashtags. Not the trending news stories, comments, pictures, etc. BIG difference.

  • This is a bad decisino. I used discover and activity all the time.

  • Sarah McWilliams

    What a dumb idea. Twitter is pointless without the Discover tab in mobile.

  • Guest

    I use discover all the time to see the latest news what a dumb thing done by twitter

  • AdelaRogers

    Seriously, hitting the Discover tab was the first thing I did upon starting up Twitter. Maybe I’m in the Twilight Zone between this “update” becaus I’m using Twitter on my iPad and there is NO “search page.”

    How the HELL am I supposed to find what’s trending on Twitter now? WTF?

    I used to be able to see threads on Twitter. Can’t see them anymore.

    Is there any good iPad app for Twitter? Can’t find trending on Tweetbot anymore either.