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In addition to a bunch of high-profile reviews of the Apple Watch and first unboxing videos of the device’s packaging, major outlets have also produced videos which highlight specific features of the wrist-worn device, such as health and fitness tracking, notifications, design and more.

Reading detailed reviews takes time so you may want to check out these videos first and save longform write-ups for weekend reading.

The Verge

The Verge likes the device a lot, but slams Apple for not including options to customize the notification sounds and Taptics on the Watch.

I couldn’t set a different alert for messages than for mail or calendar invites; they all just sort of felt the same. Without this ability, the Taptic Engine is just a small improvement over existing smartwatches. Let me create and set my own notifications, and it’s a revolution.

Luckily, this is easily fixed in software.

Getting notifications to work best for you means really buying into a single ecosystem for everything to work well out of the box, meaning non-Apple users may want to wait a while until developers build more support for the device.

For example, it’s easy to send iMessages from the Watch, but there’s no way to use WhatsApp or Hangouts. I spend a huge part of my day in Slack; it’s somewhat useful to know people are mentioning you in a chat room because of taps on your wrist, but it would be much better if you could actually do something about it.

Thankfully, Apple’s really good at iterating products and I have no doubt in my mind that a second or third-generation Apple Watch will fix the vast majority of teething issues.

Bloomberg Business

After spending a week with the device, Bloomberg Business’ Joshua Topolsky was fascinated by its speedy software and motion tracking, controlled by the Apple’s new S1 processor, which packs in multiple components on a single chip.

The Telegraph

The Telegraph says the Apple Watch interface is a mixture of using the Digital Crown dial to zoom in and out on a screen that is too small to pinch and zoom, and using it as a back button.

An excerpt from the review:

This sounds complicated, and it does feel complicated initially. I’ve got used to it, but I still occasionally feel there is one button press too many. If the display isn’t on, for instance, it takes two clicks of the crown to get the device to turn on then move from watchface to apps. It’s hard to see how to do it better, but its imperfect nonetheless.

Again, battery life doesn’t seem to be a major concern.

Even using the Watch intensively, it never struggled to last a whole day, and once made two full days, just.

That’s certainly reassuring!


CNET takes us on a tour of the many-nested worlds of the Apple Watch interface and watchfaces.

Swapping bands out:

What’s in the box:

And their general feelings about the product:


Mashable finds the S1 chip powering the Watch impressive, but notes the occasional lag and other issues and teething issues.

Mashable’s review notes:

Like any 1.0 product, the Apple Watch isn’t perfect. The S1 chip has pep, but the watch could lag. The hyped Taptic response is useful, but not a game-changer. And I can’t make myself care about the ability to send heartbeats (though I do like to occasionally check my heart rate, especially after vigorous activity).

For the most part, the lag is caused by the fact that third-party Watch apps actually run on your iPhone. Only a storyboard and user interface assets and animations are beamed back from your iPhone to the Watch via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, hence the lag.

After Apple allows truly native apps to execute on the Watch itself later this year, the lag should go away.

The Wall Street Journal

The New York Times

Yahoo Tech



Hopefully these videos will get you a better idea of what using Apple’s wearable device in real-life scenarios feels like.

Are you be pre-ordering yours come this Friday?

  • filter351

    I’m definitely interested in the Apple watch but I think that I’ll wait for a second or maybe a third generation.

  • mrgerbik

    Whats the point of music if it streams from ur iphone and uses bluetooth headphones?
    Why not just use your iphone?

    • Because you can store up to 2 GB of music in the Apple Watch for moments when don’t have your iPhone with you (maybe go on a run?). Yep, that’s not the feature that will sell the thing, but that’s not so bad either.

      • mrgerbik

        Ah okay. Makes more sense

  • Nearly all the issues listed can be fixed with firmware updates. Speed issues are easy fixes once coding is more refined. No doubt after 1 or 2 firmware updates lag will go away.

  • Nikita Peresadko

    What’s the reason to buy version from 550$ if you going to buy new each year? I think sport best variant from year 2 year, only 350$, same features, but no sapphire.

    • iBanks

      Who ever said a new one will be released every year?

      • مبارك

        believe me they will 🙂

      • iBanks

        Guess you have the inside scoop.

      • John

        What do you know that the rest of the world doesn’t, or you just full of bollocks man?

      • Nikita Peresadko

        Every year Apple releases new products, each of it have personal time as iPhone in September and others. So to fill blank period of products release in spring they are going to update watches. I think so.

      • John

        That’s when the iPhone is released, around Sept/October.

      • مبارك

        i know more than what you think

      • John

        Sure do you, “blessed”.

      • Nikita Peresadko

        Steve Jobs reincarnation

      • John

        I cannot imagine a version two will be released for another 12-18 months.

        It’s taken Apple six months to release the watch to a handful of countries, imagine how long it might take to get it worldwide…plus, Apple hasn’t announced an “aggressive” launch for the Watch like they normally do when they release an iPhone.

    • John

      What’s the use of buying an iPhone that’s ~$1000 when you KNOW there is another one that will be released in the next 12 months or so?

      • Nikita Peresadko

        Ok, yes. Are you changing ur watch every year? Sure not, when you buying Tissot for 1000$ you can use it 5+ years. But here is another situation, all versions have same features, only different material idm if it from gold or aluminum, watches are still watches. Sorry 4 bad English.

      • John

        No, probably not. I cannot imagine buying another Apple Watch for a year or two. I’d probably buy one every second year, just depends I guess on what features come and how bad the lag on the watch is.

      • Nikita Peresadko

        I’m very interested what strategy they are going to use. I think next model should have Touch ID in screen and bit thinner, mb with better battery 🙂 I decided to buy sport in this year or 650$ version.

      • John

        Touch ID in the screen … That could be interesting, it might not need it you know.

        Imagine a full screen edge-to-edge iPhone with Touch ID and Force Touch built in.

      • Nikita Peresadko

        I imagine it like this. Lol. Sure much better. Background goes blur, the touch id icon and “please insert your touch id” and you just need put your thumb on screen and thats all 🙂

  • John

    Why is the recode video the only video that autoplays?