usb clamp

With the USB ports hidden on the back side of most computers and tech products, convenient access to these ports often feels like a luxury not afforded. An innovative and thoughtful solution to that problem is the Satechi Aluminium Clamp USB Hub, which brings 4 USB ports front and center (or wherever you want) on basically any device you own. Get this cool clamping hub for just $20 at iDownloadBlog Deals.

This beautifully engineered device enables you to connect up to four devices through USB 3.0 ports, all tested up to 5.0Gbps speed. But the best part, and the most innovative aspect of the design, is that the hub is a “clamp,” meaning you can fix it to the front of your iMac or monitor, the side of your desk, or any other edge you can imagine clamping it. The clamp size is adjustable with a tightening screw on the back, so it can be attached to items of varied size and thickness.

Just connect it to one of your computer’s USB ports through the single port on the back of the device, and you’re ready to go. The unit comes finished in stylish brushed aluminum, which will compliment your iMac, Cinema Display, MacBook, and other Apple products. It’s also got a blue LED light on the front of the device to indicate that the hub is receiving power.

At just $19.99 including free US Shipping from iDB Deals, we’ve got it for almost 30% cheaper than anywhere else on the web. If you don’t live in the US,  you can get the unit delivered internationally for $41 (including shipping) as well.

Get to grips with the Satechi Aluminium Clamp Hub and end the eternal search for USB ports – grab yours today.