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Facebook on Wednesday unveiled a new standalone web version of its Messenger chat service, giving users a way to message their friends and family without dealing with News Feed and other interruptions. It can be accessed at, and can be used in a browser tab on your desktop the way you’d use the mobile app.

“ is for users who want to message without the other distractions that Facebook can provide,” a spokesperson told Recode. “If you’re messaging through Facebook, that means News Feed and your friends’ user profiles are nearby. is about focus.” 

Today’s move falls in line with Facebook’s decision to launch a standalone Messenger app for mobile devices back in 2011, which it later forced users to switch to when it removed Messenger functionality out of its flagship mobile app. The company says, however, that it has no intentions of removing messaging from its core website. will (of course) require a Facebook account, and offer support for a lot of the features you know and love—including the recently-launched peer-to-peer payments. The website will become available to English-speaking users worldwide beginning today, and will begin rolling out to other languages in the coming weeks.

Source: Recode

  • Waleed

    Wow! Good Job ! Now They should release new update for whatsapp with voice callinf feature! Its the time!

  • Quang

    I just want a legit Facebook Messenger app for desktop 🙂

    • It used to exist but Facebook killed it for some reason.
      It was pretty basic but was damn handy.

  • Sigh

    And this can’t be done for Whatsapp because….

    • Dany Quirion

      Uh, its been done for whatsapp windows phone and android for now tho

      • Sigh

        no…The way its done for whatsapp is shiit. They should do it the way Viber and everyone else does it because it makes more sense. That whatsapp webapp shit is trash. You don’t need to have Viber open on your iPhone to use Viber on your PC/Mac You don’t need to scan a dumb code either

      • AnArcticMonkey

        What a hard life you life. You have to scan a QR code like some pleb? The nerve of whatsapp!

      • Sigh

        And then you have to have whatsapp open for it to continue working on your pc. You damn right the nerve and incompetence of whatsapp.

  • Brian Brown

    This is super cool and conservative for those who preserve as much space on a device as possible. (personally didn’t dl the messenger app yet cause I prefer the safari site)

  • James G

    Apple, do the same for iMessage so people stuck with a PC at work can use iMessage!

  • Daniel Beecham

    is just for the USA???? i dont see the “sign In” thing!!!! that’s not good!!!

    • zampem0

      The same here in Italy, at least for me! :/

    • Spycer0

      I had that too happening hehe, just wait a few second and then it should show up the login thing, at least it was for me like that…

  • Andrew


  • Marcus

    Apple should add “Messages” to their iCloud website. It also would be nice if they had my iTunes Library on their as well, but that probably won’t happen for awhile.

  • Martin

    One of the best thing Facebook ever did.. No need to go to their ugly site anymore.. All I need is messenger :-))))

  • Norbi Whitney

    Wow! I had never heard of Fluid before, thanks for that. I have URL shortcuts to a few sites, with the site icons, in my dock, but it’s kind of cumbersome.
    Having Messenger app in its own fullscreen space is wondering, now time to make an iCloud one!

  • Quang

    Did they just shut it down? I could use it this morning now it’s gone :/

  • Eric Castro

    use about 3 or 4 apps made with fluid everyday. wonderful software