hand stylus

Get rid of those messy fingerprints on your touchscreen and work with ultra precision with the Hand Stylus. Normally $25, you can get it for just $15 at iDownloadBlog Deals.

The Hand is a beautifully designed stylus, gaining plaudits from the New York Times for its clarity and design, as well as its functionality. Weighted perfectly, at 2 oz it feels like a real pen in the hand. The unit boasts an ultra-precise, 4mm conductive silicone rubber tip. It retracts when not in use, can be rotated for even wear and even replaced when it wears out.

The Hand Stylus really comes into its own when working on tasks demanding definition, clarity and precision, like digital sketches or drawings. The responsive stylus is also an awesome tool for gamers, avoiding those frustrating finger related mishaps that can ruin a session. And for anyone who likes to write by hand on their device, it will create accurate and reliable handwriting.

The Hand Stylus is beautifully and simply designed, and is at iDownloadBlog Deals at an equally attractive price of just $15. You’ll receive the Hand Stylus and a custom fitted hard-case to keep it safe and sound for 40% off the standard price. It also includes free shipping in the US.

This is a high-quality stylus at an entry level price. Get it today with our iDownloadBlog deals.