In a somewhat bizarre move, Apple supplier LG Display may have inadvertently leaked Apple’s unannounced iMac whopping an 8K Retina screen, writing on its website last week that, I’m quoting, “Apple has also announced that they will release the ‘iMac 8K’ with a super-high resolution display later this year”.

Apple, of course, has not publicly announced plans for a new iMac update. LG Display is Apple’s important supplier of desktop and mobile screens and the Cupertino company is known to have cut off suppliers who pre-announced its products. Neither LG nor Apple commented on the matter at post time.

LG’s document explains that its new 8K panel dubbed “Quad Ultra-High Definition” is the future of display technology, noting that it’s “become clear” that Japan is planning to launch an 8K SHV test broadcast and then “promptly restructure” its UHD service.

“Korea is also preparing to offer an 8K service demonstration at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics,” said LG.

LG Display 8K

“LG Display displayed a new beacon of the 8K era by revealing their 98-inch 8K Color Prime Ultra HDTV at CES 2015,” reads the document. The TV uses IPS, a premium display technology for wide viewing angles and boasts a screen brightness of 500nit by adding a white pixel to the existing RGB sub-pixel structure.

An iMac with an 8K screen would max out at a whopping 7,680-by4,320 pixel resolution. Compared to a 4K resolution of 3,840-by-2,160 pixels, LG’s Quad Ultra-High Definition panel has two times the 4K screen resolution, or four times the number of pixels.

Apple’s 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display debuted last fall, featuring an LCD IPS screen with a display resolution of 5,120‑by‑2,880 pixels, good for 14.7 million pixels.

Source: LG Display

  • Annie Leonhardt

    There will be no 8k screen. There are hardly any applications that support 4k and even 5k.

    • Saria Hajjar

      Lol… Remember the 5k screen where you’re supposed to edit 4k videos with? Well that’s an 8k so you can edit the 5k videos you made after that… Haha! I’m laughing more that I’m supposed to.

    • Kr00

      Rubbish. Photoshop for one is a major tool to begin with. Graphic designers and photographers are doing this right now on 5K screens.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        That’s only one application. Of course Adobe will update their products, they are kind of forced to. Everyone else see’s no rush to do so.

      • Kr00

        One application that is the most used in these circumstances by photographers and graphic designers world wide, so that’s a fair chunk of users right there. Even proprietary animation movie making software allows for Quad UHD video production. It’s just pixels in their RAW form. So what important software do you want optimised for 8K then? Word?

      • Annie Leonhardt

        To help you understand…

        4k on a Phone. When you understand that, it will all come to you. I have no time to explain stuff to you… it’s just common sense now.

      • Kr00

        You clearly don’t understand, and you’re the one who needs “stuff” explained to you, but it seems to be going over your head, so I won’t bother.

        8K displays aren’t toys, they’re for experts, not children.

        Who’s talking about phones here? This is a story about 8K displays. Your diversion only amplifies your total ignorance of the subject. Good luck with that. Bye.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        The flaw with your art major logic is thinking only graphic designers user HQ displays. As soon as you leave your narrow brain, maybe you’ll understand. 28 years and I bet I can photoshop better than you xD and I doubt you actually have 28 years anyway considering the technological limitations 30 years ago. We millennials are running circles around you old timers. With ease. 28 years is nothing to brag about. I can get a 12 year old to produce better graphics than you with less than a year experience. 😀 Tell me, how many coding languages do you know? oh, I forgot, you’re an old timer, you have limited tech skills. We millennials have many skills. 9 programming languages, web design skills, technical and quantitative finance skills, server skills, on top of that in perfect shape. Sit down old timer, you have half the skills I possess. You don’t even hold a candle to the new generation. Yours 28 years is 3 months to us millennials. I’m not impressed.


      • Kr00

        Sorry you don’t like people pointing out your utter ignorance but if you choose to make stupid comments, don’t expect a pat on the back. By a huge majority, graphic designers, photographers, film editors and animation creators use these display screens, long before Joe public even know they exist, yet you think its not. Instead of churning out childish abuse (what a gutter mouth you must have) learn to take criticism instead of defending your ignorance with such juvenile behaviour. I pity you and your childish attitude. Before you mouth off again, just remember that those that have come before you have built what you enjoy but choose to denigrate. You seem to know everything about nothing, as you’ve provided no fact to base your abuse/argument on. I hope you have a happy life, but after this response, I strongly doubt it. Good luck to you.

      • Kr00

        BTW, my massive pay check backs my abilities and experience. How about you?

      • Annie Leonhardt

        “Massive paycheck” … yeah, okay. Probably still making less than 100k xD thinks he’s doing something with a small paycheck. Sir, you have nothing on the Financial industry. Your paycheck is small in comparison.


      • Kr00

        BTW, 28 years in graphic design, I think I may know a bit more than you dear.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        Ignorance failed to realize this was nothing about graphic design. Noob.

      • Kr00

        What on earth do you mean by “kind of forced to” how are Adobe forced to update anything when CS6 runs at full-HD, WQHD, 4K Ultra-HD and QHD resolutions, please explain? And who is “everyone else” you speak of? Could you list them please? This’ll be interesting reading. Do you even know what you’re talking about?

      • Annie Leonhardt

        Point flew right over your head. I bet your ELO in chess is below 1000. xD definitely not a critical thinker, are you? Probably should drop graphic design and get into quantitative finance. Maybe you’ll learn some common sense along the way…

      • Kr00

        Yep, whatever. Sad individual you are. Good luck in your ignorance.

  • revivalstore

    “And internet is just a trend ” Said in the 90s by the swedish goverment…

  • derp

    it was probably a typo someone pressed 8 instead of 5 on the numberpad

  • iPodDroid

    Yes Apple, because there’s TOTALLY content out right now that supports 8K. -_-

    • Kr00

      Graphic designers create high quality graphics for websites, magazines, books, posters, every day using QHD, UHD screens. Quad UHD would just be another tool to create HQ graphics. Professional Photographers in particular would be a target market for these displays. So there’s content out there already being created using this technology.

      • m310

        That’s not the point. There is no support right now for 8k, since it’s not even out yet.

      • Kr00

        Please explain your interpretation of “support”? Because right now any graphic designer or digital animation study can produce 8K quality graphics today. Time you stop embarrassing yourself, the industry has been all over this for longer than you’ve been alive.

      • m310

        I’m talking about general consumer products and the majority of the public, rather than a small sector that can directly access the technology. Even though a few 8k products exists ( my mistake for saying it wasn’t out yet), its going to take awhile for it to gain support, because in some areas like camera, there are very few of those that have 8k support. I know 8k must be really important, but as you continually increase pixels and res count, you get neglibible increases after a certain point.

      • Kr00

        Why would the general consumer want 8K display screens? There’s no consumer content for the general public that is 8K, there’s barley any 4K content at that. You keep missing the point entirely. These screens are designed for professional use, not general use, so please stop attempting to comment on something you know absolutely nothing about. Leave it to the professionals. Once 8K content becomes mainstream, then you can comment.

      • m310

        So you do agree that 8k is not for the consumer market. It still stands that 8k is not widespread in the professional industry, although use is going in that segment. All I’m say is that if there is the possibility of 8k getting used for iMac( general consumer product), then most people who aren’t professional would get much benefit from it. Please get off your high horse; you are acting like 8k is a much bigger deal than it really is at the moment.

      • Kr00

        I never disagreed it wasn’t, but nice try at diversion. My issue goes to your original comments you made with some ignorance about the lack of support and the usefulness of an 8K display. The display is being made to keep up with the industries that already produces FUHD graphics and animation. It isn’t being made to suit the general users thats for sure.

  • hkgsulphate

    dun even have 2k monitor.

  • This Guy

    “iMac whopping an 8K Retina screen”

    What the hell does ‘whopping’ mean in this context?

    • Big or Massive.

      • This Guy

        Yes, but there are words missing from the sentence. Perhaps it should be- ‘sporting a whopping 8K Retina screen’ or something similar.

    • bd14u

      They copy it in Burger King Idea of a whopper.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    If this is true,I can only imagine the price tag…

    • Maxim∑

      5k one is pretty cheap considering what you get

  • Jailbreak Guru

    Apple has nothing better to work on. In result, they build new iMacs just to get more money.

  • Norbi Whitney

    When you say “last week”….was it by any chance on April 1st?

    • Marcus

      I just checked and the article was published March 31, 2015. However, it could’ve actually been published on April 1st because of different timezones. Nice catch!

  • Marcus

    This isn’t true at all. Apple just said that there wouldn’t be a new Apple TV that supports 4k… And now they’re making an 8k iMac? This doesn’t make any sense. I think that Apple will make a 4k Apple TV and they’ll stay with the 5k iMac.

    • Kr00

      Apple have said no such thing. Some self important hippy at Buzfeed claims it. I would take what they say with a grain of salt. These are people who write stories about measuring each other’s penises, and how serious Taylor Swift takes Easter egg hunting. It doesn’t make sense because these people write stories after a session on the pipe. That said, 8K displays would be a target market for professional photographers and graphic designers, not movie makers.

  • iPhoneWINS

    lol 8K

  • m310

    I’d rather have Apple worry about upgrading their hardware specs or storage space, before worrying about 8k screens. Increasing resolutions is already giving diminshing returns, and its not really viable to keep worrying about resolution when some things are pretty much identical in different resolutions.