Next time you’re driving through Chicago looking for a nice place to stay – Apple has you covered. Over the last several days, the Cupertino company has added more hotel review data to its Apple Maps app on iOS, as it works to continue bolstering Maps to compete with the king, Google Maps.

The new data for hotel reviews isn’t being served up by Apple itself, outsourcing the work courtesy of Trip Advisor and, along with reviews from Yelp that have been there for quite sometime. 

Apple doesn’t give you the option to pick between Trip Advisor,, and Yelp data when viewing a hotel through the Maps app – sorry if you’re a hotel connoisseur who has a favorite. Maps will pick a source and provide you with price, photos, and reviews for you to make a choice.

Thanks, Rick!

  • al7oot

    The problem with Apple Maps is these features are always for the users in US. And this is why Google Maps as described in the article is the King as always.

    • sumady


    • Manuel Molina

      Not to mention Apple Maps also fails to provide you with a no toll option on their map like Google Maps. Apple still has a long way to go.

  • Hot12345

    Google maps way much better than Apple maps. Only use the apple maps because i dont want to have google maps on my phone.