zerolemon 10k

After the massive popularity of the 20,000 mAh ZeroLemon SolarJuice battery at iDownloadBlog Deals (which is still available), we’re now happy to offer its lighter, smaller cousin at half the price: the 10,000 mAh SolarJuice battery pack is just $26 at iDB Deals now.

The ZeroLemon packs a solid 10,000mAh lithium polymer battery into a relatively small package; with 3 USB ports, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. Two of the ports charge at 2.1A for tablets or fast-charging phones, and the remaining port outputs 1A for charging smartphones at standard speeds.

This solid battery is manufactured to high standards: it’s lightweight and compact and should last for the long-term, rated at 1,000+ charge cycles over its lifetime. This battery will be with you for a long time, and with “anti-explosion protection” you can feel safe carrying it around. This all seems to be backed up by consumer reviews: it’s got over 4 stars on Amazon.

zerolemon 10k 2

The 1.2W solar panel sucks up the sun, generating additional power for the battery. Of course, the battery also comes with a Micro-USB cable for charging. It’s also water resistant, so you won’t have to worry about a little splash here or there.

Normally priced at $50, we have it available at iDB Deals for just $26, including free US shipping. That’s a great price for a portable charger with this capacity, and the solar capabilities plus water resistance give it some extra-cool functionality.

Get it now.

  • Andrew

    Why no international shipping though? 🙁

    • SoylentGreen

      Dude they cheap as chips in the actual shops

      • Keyan Fayaz

        Guy from probably California or somewhere that’s NOT Canada, come up to our country and tell me theyre cheap as chips.. after you find them in the shops, if you ever do.

  • Keyan Fayaz

    Yeah, I’ve wanted several items off your deals page so far, but never any international shipping. I’m from Canada, and pretty much need this, but can’t buy it because of your restriction. Please make these available to Canada too

    • SoylentGreen

      Dude Get round the local shops and you get for 20 bucks, even big supermarkets are selling below rrp to draw people into the shop, I got most family in Canada mate so KNOW this is the case. Now go forth and charge iPhone like James bond when there is no sockets but ya need fone when waiting on your man…..

      • Keyan Fayaz

        I have no idea what you just said

    • Dan

      I’m from Canada. I just got a Duracell USB charger from Costco, cheaper and better than this thing. I agree though, these deals are always US-centric.

  • Victor

    idownload blog, please. stop. with. your. US-only. attitude. Thank you

    • SoylentGreen

      Hey good luck, I got chastised,for asking for the daily app review be available in GMT, whist the app is still free etc
      “Don’t you know it’s a US centric blog”?
      Was what I got hit with, lol, I’d like to see if idb would even exist if it only accepted US click throughs.
      Dude even my free speech is monitored and redacted and erased on here, closer you get to realising this is a glorified (fan site) commercial website, the more monitored you become. Might do an infowars article on this actually. As free speech IS being suppressed.

      • Victor

        True. Still for most dumb americans america is the whole world…

      • You obviously don’t understand what free speech is. This is a personal website there is no free speech here.

      • SoylentGreen

        When you throw the doors open to the public that changes.
        Ps. I can’t go around correcting all your schoolboy errors, so please, try think before you talk kak.

      • No it does not change. Again, you don’t understand free speech. Go educate yourself.

      • SoylentGreen

        No your wrong, you Cant just change “facts” because you uttered a falsehood.
        Now there’s an old saying summin like “you can’t educate a fool”,
        So I will let you have your mature last word, seeing as you can bend reality on a per “open(clue) Forum”

      • I’m college educated and have taken political science. If you feel that you can sue for someone deleting your comments on their forum then you are sadly mistaken.

      • SoylentGreen

        Well you should demand your money back, political science, and you think it’s cool to censor any truths that go against the party line in open forum on the ungoverned internet of freedom?
        My oh my, they say common core is bad, leaving out the civil war in history class etc, now you can claim to have a degree in political science but actually not know the facts in relation to one of, were, in a layman’s guess the one of the fundamental foundstones of politics, “free speech”, the application and use of, in modern society and specifically in,’very’ open internet forum.

      • You’re confusing your own views of free speech with the government’s. It simply is not as you think it is. Private owned websites can censor you all they want. Hell you aren’t even allowed to cuss on tv or the radio so there’s censorship there.

      • SoylentGreen

        This isn’t a government website, neither is it on TV, it’s the internet, I know what your trying to say but a court of law, the magna carta, the subsequent declaration and any patriot would agree with me, where only libtards would agree with you,
        Also regards TV a radio, I guess your on about, government Talking point driven mainstream media,
        Of course they censor, this does not apply to the web. Period.

      • Exactly. It’s a private website and comments will be deleted as pleased. Thank you.

  • jake kneller

    I feel only is because idb is based in the us but it does suck for idb’s followers outside the U.S. But I’ve always liked the zero lemon peroable charger but 20,000 mah was to much this is perfect I’m going to order one right now

    • SoylentGreen

      The U.S ‘is’ the whole world if you live there, very insular thinkers, yanks,
      think of world series lol, that game is called rounders and played by girls in the WORLD, but it’s in the US, so therefore it’s the ‘whole world’.
      A curio of the lib_tard American psyche.

  • SoylentGreen

    Why all my posts need approved?? I’m being censored, free speech being suppressed??

    • This Guy

      Probably because you are an idiot.

  • SoylentGreen

    Blatant deleting my comments, I’m only asking why are you censoring me, please have the self respect to explain man to man. You deserve a right to reply as your going on info-wars, for suppressing amendments.

    • Dave Newcomb

      Dude, it’s an iPhone blog, not the State Department. Get a grip.

  • Jonas Nieminen

    Great, bravissimo

  • Chintan Kankeshwar

    Disappointed…no international shipping

  • This deal is useless if you have no international shipping. Tell Stackcommerce to start shipping worldwide.

  • Then you obviously misunderstand what private means. They allow anyone on their site who they want, they are by no means bound by law to allow EVERYONE on their site. They can freely ban anyone because it is privately owned, not government owned. You talk about your arbitrarily defined free speech. I am merely giving you the United States’ definition of freedom of speech as per the U.S. Constitution. It doesn’t matter how you “feel” freedom of speech should be, because it is what it is. You can want it to be something different all you want but that doesn’t change what is expressly written in the constitution. And my education is doing me just fine.