Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Bendaget 004

I’ll be the first to admit that the headline of this article may be a bit over the top sensationalistic or even linkbait, but same could be said for the iPhone 6 Bendgate articles. This is clearly meant for entertainment purposes. So, if you’ve been wondering how Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 Edge performs under pressure, here’s your answer.

Brought to you by SquareTrade, a San Francisco based extended warranty service provider for consumer electronics and appliances, their new breakability stress video shows Samsung’s device bends faster than Apple’s iPhone 6.


The video below pits the durability of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge against HTC’s One M9 and Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. Long story short, the Galaxy S6 Edge bent at 110 lbs of pressure, same as Apple’s device and slightly behind HTC’s phone, which was found to bend at 120 lbs of pressure.

But the statistic that counts most is the breaking point, a force under which the device bends beyond the point of being usable, also called the point of catastrophic failure.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Bendaget 002

In that regard, the Galaxy S6 Edge was found to bend faster than the iPhone 6 Plus. Specifically, the Samsung device hit its breaking point at 149 pounds of pressure, while the iPhone 6 Plus survived 179 lbs of pressure.

There’s another facet to this.

The Galaxy S6 Edge incorporates Corning’s latest and greatest Gorilla Glass 4 for screen protection and has a metal casing said to be fifty percent stronger than any other smartphone on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Bendaget 001

So that being said, one would expect the Galaxy S6 Edge not to be as bendable as the Apple device. A large part of Samsung’s problem is its screen curved at the edges, which reduce its structural integrity and makes it crack faster under intense pressure.

The South Korean firm’s head of global Marketing, IT and Mobile Division, Young-Hee Lee, said this during the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2015 event in Barcelona last month (emphasis mine):

We’ve all dropped and shattered our smartphones before and it’s a huge pain. Well, Gorilla Glass 4 has your back. So not only does it look great it’s super tough. In fact it’s the toughest in the market.

Also, the special metal that we use is 50 percent stronger than the metal in other high-end smartphones. My first language may not be engineering but I do know that this phone will not bend.

Draw your own conclusions.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Bendaget 003

For what it’s worth, Apple’s tech specs pages for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus confirm both devices’s screen contains ion-strengthened glass, though Apple never specified whether or not it’s still using Corning’s glass for screen protection.

To learn about the highly technical details involved in the development and production of the chemical process used to create the iPhone 6’s ion-strengthened screen, check out Daily Mail.

Source: SquareTrade

  • MrJohnBlaze

    also tmobile early adopters of the edge version of the s6 are reporting scratched screen out the box and dead pixels

    • Yujin

      Some are saying that even a finger nail can scratch the screen. Ouch! lol.

    • George

      My iPhone 6 shipped with dead pixles on day one, what’s your point?

      • Niclas

        I call bullshit.

      • George

        I find that story bs considering I’ve seen a bunch of hands on reviews and never once did they mention scratches.

      • Niclas

        Ok, and I find your story with dead pixels on the iPhone 6 bs considering I’ve seen a bunch of hands on reviews and never once did they mention dead pixels.

      • George

        Lmao do a iPhone 6 dead pixel search on Twitter and see how many people had the same shit as me

      • Moltakfire

        What Niclas is getting at, is that your logic is flawed. You can’t disprove something one way, and then close your eyes when someone uses the same method. You can do a twitter search for S6 dead pixels, and find ample amounts of evidence.

        John’s point was valid, and shouldn’t have been questioned. Early adopters did indeed report faults. That’s his point.

      • mobilemann

        this whole teary fanboy thing you have going on, really works for you.

      • George

        Stop stalking me

      • mobilemann

        Replying to you more than once? Or you just have nothing to say about the real topics

      • Buzz { Light:Year; }

        Mine shipped with half the screen black

    • @dongiuj

      My iPhone 6 came with a hole in the metal frame just between the earphone jack and the screen. Gave that thing right back.

    • whothehell

      i am not sure if the stories of scratched screen out of the box are accurate though… i got my phones screen covered by a protective film layer. so, it might be that the film is actually scratched rather than the screen itself.

      isn’t the corning gorilla glass scratch proof ?

  • Rowan09

    Hope this gets the same attention as the iPhone 6+, but I know it won’t.

    • That_Fruitarian

      Sure won’t!!

    • Cameron

      Because its not an iPhone. Metal bends with force, the thinner the easier, its laughable that people think this would easily happen to them, even so Apple has made it clear that they do exchanges for iphone bending, Apple has never let me down on its warranty.

    • Franklin Richards

      It won’t because it won’t grab as much attention as any Apple product would.

      • Antzboogie


    • Only goes to show. the thinner is is the easier it is to bend. Curious why Samsung would make these NEW phones less durable. Even more os a step back like the Sd card and removable battery. Not looking good for these new phones..

      • Rowan09

        Samsung is into making profit and adding an SD card is less of an incentive to purchase a model with more storage. Basically it appears they are following Apple with this move, but they will probably piss of some of their loyal fans with this move who will probably get the Note 4 instead. When I try to use my SD card for all my game data on my Note 2 it doesn’t work so, I really don’t see the need for an SD besides media and the cloud is being pushed heavily for that.

      • Benedict

        I’m curious how much force the S6 can take. Why was this not covered in the test?

      • They did say. 110lbs for both S6 and 6 Plus to bend. They wanted everything to be the same as Apple this time around.

      • Rowan09

        Good one. If you can’t beat them just join them.

      • theemptyhead

        Do you even know there is two different models of samsungs new flagship. it’s s6 and s6 edge. you seem to be thinking s6 edge is the new s6. unlike iphone 6/6+ s6edge has curved screen with glass bevel so it’s obvious glass can’t be strong as metal. But then again even with glass bevel it bends at the same amount of pressure as all metal bevel iphone.

      • No I had no idea there were two different models. See I’ve been living under a rock. In the end whether its the edge or not Im sure it would take about the same strength to get it to bend.

    • Manuel Molina

      Of course not. As good as the Galaxy 6 looks and a huge improvement from the 4 to the 6, the attention is always focused on good companies when they make one slip up. Look at the iPhone 4.

      • George

        The iPhone 4 had problems with signal strength, of course its going to get crap for it.

    • AnArcticMonkey

      Because it is not as big of a problem as people think…there are plenty of other issues coming out about the S6, bending isn’t one of the big ones.

    • 12345678

      cause users won’t be reporting bends in their pockets. This test doesn’t test the 6 plus at the location where it bends: the volume buttons. Like Consumer Reports, they tested it at the middle. So…the video is obsolete and you can bend the phone with your hands most likely.

    • jasonlowr

      I am for once happy for samsung, the whole “bendgate” thing will
      definitely make the s6 and samsung more popular no matter in a good or
      bad way. Laugh everyone, share to everywhere you want, make this viral,
      and I’m sure this will make the s6 launch even more popular. :DD

      • igorsky

        Funny…saw this exact same post on another forum, you Samsung shilling clown.

    • Pedling

      It depends if it will bend in real life in the users pockets and not this test..

      In earlier tests the HTC One M8 was the most likely bend, but their hasn’t been any reports from users, but their was plenty of user pics of bended Iphone6…

  • Patrick

    These bend tests don’t do a good job of simulating real life use. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus will bend under less pressure if it is applied at it’s weakest point.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Forget the bendgate Apple should fix crescentgate!

  • jilex

    But it bends on real day usage, or just in the tests to entertain fanboys from both sides?

  • :(

    The iPhone thing only got attention because it was made by a guy who had lots of subscribers so the video went viral. You should really be reporting factual news and not playing up to this nonsense. For shame iDB… For shame…

  • Ryan

    Well… I do understand where this article is coming from. And I know that Apple haters loved the truly worthless, and nonexistent bend gate drama, so I understand at least pointing out that other smart phones all bend when subjected to perfectly designed tests under totally unreasonable pressure. But it does make me wonder. If you are going to put your phone under 110lbs+ of pressure at its weakest point for an extended amount of time, maybe you should not have a smart phone period.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Still copying apple huh? Breaking point is off though.

  • Chindavon

    The Next big thing is bent. #BendOverGate

  • leart
  • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

    Wait, did they actually bend a phone with a glass bevel? Did the expect glass bevel to behave like metal would?

    • theemptyhead

      exactly, the test should have been done on s6 not the s6 edge. And by the way, even with the glass bevel and less metal it bends at the same amount of force as all metal bevel iphones.

  • Rares

    It’s a thin phone made of aluminium and glass, of course it bends.

  • iPhoneWINS

    lol those fools copied the iPhone design so perfectly they didn’t even fix the flaws…lool

    • George

      They did, its called android.

  • Kash Gummaraju

    I sense so much butthurt by iDB in this article, good job iDB keep the butthurt going on

  • Jon20

    So where’s this guy?…lol

  • 5723alex .

    The new HTC M9 gets to the point of catastrophic failure with just 120 lbs of pressure.

  • James G

    It will bend. And it will blend!

  • Piyush

    Samsung copied bendgate too

  • Ryan Bartsch


  • Benedict

    The point with these bend-tests is, that always the force is applied only to the middle of the devices. This is not the common procedure for a stresstest. The force must be applied at the critical diameter of the device. This would be the area around the speaker buttons.

  • Mustang5Oh

    I only think it’s funny because of all the Samsung fanboys who laughed and laughed at Apple and it’s users for “bendgate.” Oh how the tide has turned.

  • diggitydang

    To me, this is like the student taking a test, who’s copying off of another student and accidentally puts the other student’s name on his own test… Samsung copying a little too much Apple! Ha!

    For the record, I have a 6+, love it and it’s perfectly straight! =P

    • Benedict

      Of course every device is bending at some force somehow. The point is where the force is applied to! This is what none of those tests covers!

  • AnArcticMonkey

    The iPhone 6 and 6+ bend just below the volume button, look at the pictures of bent phones and where the bend is, NOT in the middle (which is where these “tests” are done). I find it hilarious that people still do not realize this…

    • Ryan

      Just curious. And I do not mean this an attack… But where are these well reported common bending issues actually being reported. Because it seems to me that between hundreds of million of iPhones and other thin devices, that a few hundred and even a few thousand freak bendings in the real world aren’t exactly an issue that even needs reporting. And I am not being an Apple fan boy either. I think it is silly on all device to extreme stress tests and then say there is a problem with the devices, not matter who makes them. I could take an iPhone and a Samsung and shot them with a rifle and I don’t really think I could say the devices have mission critical flaws because they couldn’t stop the bullet,

      • Ryan

        Oh sorry that was not meant as a reply directly to you, it was meant for the post. It got put under your comment.

    • No matter how you look at it they all will bend where the buttons are. Its not phone specific. Buttons = thinnest part. There is nothing to realize except that fact.

  • John Charles

    i am this angry that problema Samsung if LIES… No do Removed!…

  • 12345678

    this is completely nonsense. The reason why the iPhone had bendgate was because it bent near the volume buttons by just using your hands. This video tested it at the center, which is obsolete. Obviously, you won’t be able to bend the galaxy s6 edge with your hands or in everyday usage like the 6 plus.

  • theemptyhead

    why compare with s6 edge and not the s6? s6 edge has less metal due to its curved screen and yet it bends at the same amount of force as iphone bends. that obviously proves the fact that the metal used at s6 edge is more stronger than iphone’s metal. let’s see the test on s6 with all metal on the side and then let’s talk.
    here’s what i think, idb is so scared of awesome s6 specs that they don’t want to write article about it cause that will give iphone users a thought of dumping iphones for galaxy s6. idb has written about previous models of galaxy but why not the s6?
    And i don’t come to this blog much these days but whenever i come here i see comments of people being so proud about how many iphones sold and how popular iphones are. seriously what’s in it for you/us. it’s not your company and you’re not getting any penny for this. you all are just spoiling apple. the more it keeps selling with less features and old harware the less upgrade you’re going to get on the next generation iphone.

    • From a consumer device testing point of view, the amount of metal in a product is not factored for a bend test – they are testing the product as a whole and not just on the metal component alone. For an end consumer, the performance won’t be focused on just the metal, but on the entire device. It would be like crash-testing two different cars and finding that they both crushed under the same impact force, but then saying that one is better because it has smaller wheels. That wouldn’t matter in a crash since the passengers would have suffered the same injuries. Do you see?

      But I agree with you that they should have tested the Galaxy S6 too, not sure why it wasn’t included. It’d be interesting to see what kind of results that would yield.

  • Dan

    As long as it doesn’t bend in someone’s pockets.

  • “Bendgate” was nothing more than a lot of people realising phones aren’t made out of titanium. Of course phones are going to bend if you apply enough pressure!

  • theemptyhead

    Link says content not found.

    • N&LH

      Sorry, there was an error, The link is working now

  • revivalstore

    My iphone6 got scratches very fast…

  • jasonlowr

    I am actually happy for samsung, the whole “bendgate” thing will
    definitely make the s6 and samsung more popular no matter in a good or bad way. Laugh everyone, share to everywhere you want, make this viral, and I’m sure this will make the s6 launch even more popular. 😀 haha

  • Allen B.

    My friend went to a Apple Store and they exchanged his apple device for bending in 5 mins.

    • whothehell

      my friend didn’t get his phone exchanged.

  • ck125

    Until it bends in people’s pockets, this is pointless. Everything will bend, especially from a machine designed solely to bend things lol.

  • Nathillien

    It is well documented that iPhone 6 bends not in the middle like the rest of the phones, but around the volume button. How much force can iPhone bear there before permanently bending? Lets see:


    Yeah 30 kg of force, while Galaxy S6 can hold 50kg. Almost double.
    That is why even kids could bend the iPhone in the Apple Store.

  • David Krepper

    Added Internal Memory – Good, 32GB. Remove Micro-SD and non removable Battery. Guarantees I will keep using my Galaxy S5 until it dies, and after that if Samsung hasnt pulled its head out of ##!@$# then I will go to a different brand. Even if NONE of them offer SD or Remove battery.
    My 2 in-laws with iFone6’s both bend and cracked screens in first month…if this one bend even easier, then Double whammy for me to leave Samsung…Im tired of STUPID corporate decisions.

    • David Krepper

      Got that Samsung…ANOTHER LOST CUSTOMER if you dont wise up.

  • a.s.n

    why you want to destroy samsung phones????whats your goal ??????whats your problem????? why you want to share this pictures??????how many pounds do you spent????every phone will be destroyed with this pressure . you can test iphone with just your hands!