Pandora revealed on Tuesday it has plans to launch its online music radio on Apple’s CarPlay, the in-car infotainment software set to be found in several vehicles on the market.

While Pandora is a little late to the party, as CarPlay launched in 2014, it’s a seemingly perfect app to fit the car software. Many users already utilize the Pandora app on their iPhone to play music through their car’s speakers.

In an interview with Fox Business, Pandora CFO Mike Herring said “we’ll definitely be in CarPlay,” meaning users would be able to launch the Pandora app through the in-car dash, rather than their phone.

Herring didn’t give any specifics on a launch date, and we’ve reached out to Pandora for more details. However, it’s still nice to hear an official confirmation from the company.

In the interview, Herring also touched on Pandora’s relationship with Apple, who’s behind similar service iTunes Radio and who’s rumored to launch a Spotify competitor in the coming months. Herring said there’s a “frenemy kind of relationship going on” with Apple and that Pandora was “part of what made it fun to have an iPhone.”

Herring added that while the two companies are “close partners,” it’s a “very interesting relationship.”

Source: Fox Business

  • coLin

    If android makes its Android Auto compatible with the iPhone (as it’s rumored with the watch) then Android Auto is the way to go. You’ll have all services not wait until Apple decides what to accept and what not (i.e Pandora on Apple TV)

    • Rowan09

      Almost every Car Play compatible aftermarket system has Android Auto as well. Android Auto doesn’t allow you to just use whatever services you please just like CarPlay from the systems screen. You can use applications from the phone that are compatible with the auto system maker like the pioneer app, etc, but it’s the same as Android Auto just you being locked into Googles services.

      • coLin

        I wish there was a Google maps on Apples car play

      • Rowan09

        Just like pioneer has its own app you can access Waze (not sure with the new radios) through the app once connected to the iPhone. The issue is having it show up on the main screen with Apples apps not accessing it.

  • Noohar

    I don’t get it? The link between April Fools Day & Kim K?!