iOS 8.3 beta 4 no Twitter sharing option

iOS 8.3 beta 4 that was seeded to Apple’s registered iOS developers last week has removed the long-standing option to share content to Twitter, according to our own findings a couple days ago that have since been confirmed by other users.

We’ve noticed something was afoot as the option to share to Twitter has gone missing from the Share sheet in iOS 8’s stock Photos and Safari app.

Technically, the feature has not been removed entirely because it only disappears after installing Twitter’s official iOS app in iOS 8.3 beta 4, as evidenced on the screenshots provided by our own Oliver Haslam.

Uninstall Twitter and it comes back.

The current stable edition of iOS 8, iOS 8.2, still has native Twitter sharing built-in. Its removal from iOS 8.3 beta 4 could indicate that Apple might have opted to allow Twitter to deliver richer sharing features via a future iOS 8 extension.

This would be actually awesome.

Apple has been slow to update native social sharing options in iOS since debuting Twitter integration with the release of iOS 5 back in 2011. Indeed, iOS’s current implementation of Twitter sharing leaves a lot to be desired.

While you can tag other users via iOS 8’s Twitter option in the Share sheet, some of the best features Twitter recently rolled out remain unsupported, including multi-image sharing, animated GIFs, sharing of native Twitter video and more.

Notice the missing Twitter option from the Share sheet in iOS 8.3 beta 4’s stock Photos app.

iOS 8.3 beta 4 no Twitter sharing option 2

By allowing Twitter to deliver the latest and greatest features via an iOS 8 Share sheet extension delivered through its free iOS client, the micro-blogging service wouldn’t just make users happy, but possibly nudge many more people toward installing its app, which keeps getting better and better with each new update.

Also, such a move wouldn’t be out of character for the California firm. Remember, the company similarly pulled its own YouTube client from iOS, correctly assuming that Google would do a much better work delivering the latest YouTUbe features to iPhone and iPad users via a native iOS client of its own.

Assuming that’s what we’re in fact seeing here, the move begs the question of other social integration in iOS. Maybe Apple will similarly remove built-in Flickr, Vimeo and Facebook sharing options from iOS in favor of an extension approach?

Would that make sense to you?

Twitter is available at no cost in the App Store.

  • Tobias™

    Im on beta 4 on ipad mini 3. And It’s still there…

    • Nirvana

      Upload an image as proof please!

      • Tobias™


      • Chris Tangler

        do you have twitter app installed? says in the article it is only removed when you install the twitter app, otherwise it’s there. see below from the third paragraph

        “Technically, the feature has not been removed because it disappears only after installing Twitter’s official iOS app in iOS 8.3 beta 4. Uninstall Twitter and it comes back.”

      • Chinch07

        I have Twitter installed and am on beta 8.3 beta 4. The share Twitter button is still present on my iPad Air 2 but is missing from my iPhone 6 plus.

      • SoylentGreen

        Why even waste ur time making proof to some random interrogator?

      • Nirvana

        Some things on iPad sometimes fall behind the iPhone. Besides, it’s only beta!

      • Raul Flores

        It’s not there… With Twitter App Installed.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    The sooner 8.3 comes out, the better. I want the next jailbreak asap cuz my phone randomly froze and died and entered a boot loop yesterday and had no choice but to restore to 8.2 ;_;

  • Linton Findlay

    Twitter integration was ios5, Facebook was ios6.

  • Nathan

    Gotta love how Apple, ever since iOS 7, has been taking features away and introduction buggy features like AirDrop (which is the cause of wifi issues btw). Sad.

    • Digitalfeind

      Does anyone even use airdrop??

      • I use it often.

      • Chris Tangler

        i used it 1 time to see how it even worked. worked good but it’s so much easier to just send an email or message someone than to give the other person instructions on how to use airdrop

      • ieatcalcium

        Sending it through email or a message usually compresses the photo and makes it looks like crap. AirDrop doesn’t do this.

      • SoylentGreen

        Ah this why photos i mms to pple are rubbish at their end.

      • Raul Flores

        iMessage does not compress the images and if you email it you have the option to choose the image’s resolution.

      • ieatcalcium

        iMessage does compress images. Also, many mail clients don’t support very large files. And some don’t even give you an option to not compress an image.

      • James G

        Frequently. But it isn’t always a seamless experience. But typically worth the effort. Texting a picture or video just eats up storage space.

      • It was the one feature I was super psyched about using. Yet I’ve never even used it once. Mostly due to my friends having only iPhone 4’s

      • SoylentGreen

        Ha! Funny, not used it once and multiple devices in life.
        Would swap for no wifi doppage on a millisecond,
        apple multi national globalists some who run it are Eugenics fans, j.gruber been caught on audio many times saying what he thinks of You. Not good btw, yes so apple will give with one hand and take with other, mild amusing for them.

  • James G

    The APIs and features of iOS 8 with extension support and inter-app communicability negate the need for these sharing services to be integrated at the OS level. There is still value to it, sure, but not as much compared to the days of, say, iOS 6.