bobine dock 2

Flex, stretch, maneuver and stand your iPhone however you want, all while charging at the same time with the Bobine iPhone charging dock. This innovative dock from the accessory company Fuse Chicken is flexible when you bend it, but stays firm when you let it go, enabling you to position your phone wherever and however you want.

It’s one of the coolest iPhone accessories we’ve seen lately, and we’ve got it at a nice discount at iDownloadBlog Deals: normally $35, we’ve got it on sale for $25 including free shipping. That’s only a few dollars more than a standard Lightning cable from Apple, and offers a ton more functionality.

You can use the Bobine in many different ways, and with a bit of creativity you’ll find the positions that are most convenient and useful for you. Make calls or FaceTime at eye level, watch videos, use it as a tripod for stable photos – whatever you want. It’s 24 inches long, offering you enough scope to contort this in almost any way you please.

bobine dock

The Bobine also serves as an MFi-certified Lightning cord (so it will work with iPhone 5 and up), charging your phone when plugged into a USB port. MFi-certified means it’s built to an Apple-certified standard, will probably last a lot longer, and you won’t get that annoying “Accessory may not be compatible” notification.

The Bobine’s exterior is made of military grade nickel-plated steel, which should be able to withstand the toughest of environments, conditions, and uses for most iPhone owners. Even if you just use this as a standard charging cable, it will probably be the longest-lasting one you’ve ever had.

With our 28% discount, we’re knocking $10 off the price and bringing it to an affordable $25. Better yet, with free shipping in the US, this is a tough deal to beat. Plug in it, shape it and shift it any way you want it. Check it out at iDB Deals.