App Recap

The App Recap is iDB’s daily roundup of notable news from the wacky world of iOS software. Below you’ll find a list of discounts, updates and new releases we think are worth checking out. Today’s picks include some great deals on some great apps and games such as Blek, Screens VNC and more.


Blek – ($1.99 $0.99) – a unique, award-winning game about imagination and personality. Everything you draw keeps moving – and watching your creations move is like watching magic. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

FOTONICA – ($2.99 $0.99) – ever wondered what running at 140mph feels like? FOTONICA is a first-person game about the thrill of speed and traveling flawlessly through complex environments. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Marksta – ($1.99 free) – allows photographers to add copyright notices and watermarks to their photos—adding text or a logo—directly from their iOS device. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

The Lost Ship – ($0.99 free) – embark on your own treasure hunt in this beautifully designed classic point and click adventure game. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Musical Paint Pro – ($4.99 free) – provides an engaging multi-sensory experience for all ages.  Move your finger around the screen to “paint” musical tones.  Create audio-visual compositions that you can save and play! Download for iPhone and iPad here.

BLiP – ($0.99 free) – tumble, bounce and slide BLiP through an atmospheric world filled with deadly spikes and precarious platforms. Collect stars to unlock over 60 levels of challenging and addictive fun. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

DOOO – ($0.99 free) – a uniquely-designed productivity app that offers features such as voice notes, in-app camera and more. Download for iPhone here.

Screens VNC – ($19.99 $13.99) – a beautiful, yet powerful Screen Sharing and VNC client that lets you connect back to your Mac, Windows or Linux PC from anywhere in the world. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

5K Runner: 0 to 5K – ($2.99 $0.99) – get in shape in 8 weeks by spending only 30 minutes per day exercising, just 3 times a week. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Other apps still on sale


1Password – (free) – the popular password manager has been updated with several improvements, including an enhanced iOS 8 extension that supports Login creation, auto form-filling, and more. Download for iPhone and iPad here.


Pie In The Sky: A Pizza Odyssey – ($2.99) – it’s time to fly beyond the stars, because there are hungry creatures out there in the cold expanse, waiting for a warm slice of Earth’s finest export. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Polyeon – (free) – a fast-paced multitouch game where you must break shapes to survive increasingly challenging waves in a never-ending race against time. Download for iPhone here.

Quiz Challenger – (free) – claims to be the worlds biggest multiple choice trivia competition with over 100,000+ questions across 13 categories, and new questions are constantly being added. Download for iPhone here.

Tribal Wars 2 – (free) – an online strategy game in which you must build your villages, form allies and expand your empire! Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Hooligan Defense – Riot Control – (free) – Football Hooligans are invading the neighbourhood. It is up too you and your riot police to end their destructive behavior. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

As usual, prices are subject to change at anytime, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of a deal. Also, be sure to let us know if we missed anything down in the comments below.

  • bd14u

    slow shutter is not free in my country. sad

  • Byron C Mayes

    Fotonica is a free game of the week at Starbucks.