iphone photo kit

Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 6” ad campaign emphasizes the iPhone camera’s power to take incredible photography. With this bundle of must-have mobile photography accessories, you can take the amazing camera built into your phone, and the pictures you take with it, to the next level. Better yet, it’s available at a nice discount with free US and international shipping.

With options for iPhones 4 to iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus), the Smartphone Photo Bundle includes six lenses plus accessories that will maximize your mobile photography. The lenses include:

  • 8x telephoto lens
  • fisheye lens
  • wide lens
  • macro lens
  • 2x telephoto lens
  • 60x magnifying microscope lens

It also comes a hard-back case to attach the 8x and 60x lenses, a tripod, a cleaning cloth, and custom “wallet” carrying case to keep everything protected when you’re on the go.

iphone photo kit 2

Let’s be honest, unless you’ve got a nice DSLR and want to carry it around with you, most of us rely on our phones to take photos wherever we go. Maybe it’s a quick shot of something you’ll need to remember later, maybe it’s beautiful scenery you stumble upon on a hike, and, well, maybe it’s a selfie. But just because you’re using your phone as your de facto camera doesn’t mean you can’t take really beautiful shots.

The camera built into your iPhone is great. But if you want to be able to take interesting angles, zoom at high quality, or just go above and beyond the standard point and click, these accessories give your iPhone endless photography possibilities.

Taking good photos is important no matter where you are in the world. The good news is, this bundle ships free to the US with no additional cost for international shipping! You don’t need a 60x magnifying lens to see the value for international users.

At iDownloadBlog Deals, you can get the bundle for $69, 30% off the list price.