sos online

Cloud backup is a must for anyone with a ton of data used across multiple devices. Even if you’re a single-device user (hard to believe in this day and age), cloud backup is important to keeping your data safe and secure. But most backup services have strict limits on how much data you can backup, making the consumer’s life a lot more difficult. With our latest deal, you can get 2 years of unlimited cloud backup from SOS Online Backup at an incredible price: just $45, which adds up to 67% off the normal price.

SOS Online offers you an infinite amount of space with no file size or type limits. Everything you backup will be encrypted with their ‘UltraSafe’ 256-bit AES before they’re transferred to the cloud for storage. Once files arrive in the cloud, they’re encrypted with a second layer of 256-bit AES encryption, and each user’s files are secured with a unique encryption key.

It also offers some cool features like:

  • Smart Scanner:  automatically scans for important and common file types to backup.
  • ForeverSave File Retention: files deleted form the local source will remain in the cloud indefinitely
  • ForeverSave Version History: Each and every version of past backup is stored

They also offer some protection and backup of external hard drives. The service is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and up, as well as iOS 6.0 and up, plus PC and Android if you’re into that sort of thing. A 2-Year subscription to SOS Online will normally cost you $140, but you can get it for just $45.

Don’t let yourself be limited by other backup services. Get the infinite option. Check out the deal at iDB Deals!