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Those who have a minimum of $10,000 to spend on Apple Watch Edition are in luck, as Apple will offer them 30 minutes to check out the device in select stores, according to IBT, which talked to Apple Store employees in two separate New York locations.

Standard appointments can be scheduled beginning April 10, and will last for 15 minutes, which should give enough times to figure out what specific model or band to choose. People interested in spending big will have double that time to make their decision.

IBT shares more details about the process:

To express interest in the Edition, customers mark their favorite models through the Apple Store app or its website, and those preferences are stored with the customers’ Apple IDs. When reservation are made to try on the Apple Watch, stores will know exactly which ones have drawn the customers’ interest, so staffers will show them the corresponding models during the demonstrations, according to the employees.

Of course, another way to get extra time with Apple Watch is to schedule several appointments.

Source: IBT

  • Guest

    30 minutes to decide if you’re actually out of your mind…

  • Merman123

    That might be enough to change your mind :/ haha

    • Jamessmooth

      Ha! My thoughts exactly.

  • dudeimmexican

    F*ck that

  • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

    This gets funnier by the day. Those with 10 grand to spend aren’t the ones who spend 30 minutes to take a decision. Often its made well before they even arrive at the store to purchase it. I have a feeling Apple are having doubts on selling good numbers of the 10K watch. This seems to be a move to rope in those who are willing to commit 5K but can be persuaded to push to 10.

  • Alu Zeros

    10000 on a watch that’s going to come out with a newer version every year. Sorry apple, but that’s ridiculous. People that spend that much money on a watch are the people who need a reality check on how people in Third world countries live

    • CASEACE79

      Who said they were going to come out every year? We just assume it’s on the same cycle as a phone with no proof. How long did the Mac Pro go without a refresh. Plus anyone who can afford to drop $10k on a watch isn’t worried about money and would probably be willing to drop another $10 next year anyway.

  • Wow. An appointment to learn how to use an Apple Watch. Great job Apple.

    • Neil Urban

      Not to lean how to use it so much as to familiarize them with their options and understand just jow much it’s capable of. The Watch does have some new and unique ways to operate it, which people will have to get used to — but they will quickly. People who haven’t been actively following it likely won’t know the uses and purpose of the Digital Crown, but will likely assume the other button is to return to the home screen.

      It will be a device where once the customer is told what each button does and that it has Force Touch, they will cycle through the apps and experiment, getting comfortable with it in a couple minutes time. Any skepticism they may have on how they would “precisely operate a 38mm watch face” will be resolved, and will likely feel encouraged to buy one. 15 minutes will be enough time for them to try it on, learn operation, play with it, and get their questions answered.
      So yes. Apple did do a great job, and a majority of people will warm up to the Watch once they get one on their wrist and play with it.

  • 919263

    This keeps getting more and more STUPID, by the day!!!! There was an Wall street analyst who said that Apple would be the first Trillion Dollar Company….I dont think so… maybe he was counting te idiots who would be spending this amount to try something for 30 mins.. Never gonna Happen…. Buy a watch $15 from Amazon, Donate the $9985 to hungry kids in Africa..

    • well I mean they are currently worth 719 billion and growing (the most valuable brand in the world) doesn’t seem ridiculous to me.