Facebook unveiled at its F8 Developer Conference on Wednesday it will make its Messenger API available to third-party developers, making Messenger a platform, like previously reported.

Developers will not only be able to hook their apps into the service, but Messenger users will also be able to install apps and make purchases inside Messenger. Facebook says 40 apps are launching within Facebook Messenger right away. 

“We’ve been building Messenger as a way to express yourselves in more than just text,” Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, said during the opening keynote in San Francisco.

A new version of the Messenger app was shown with a button above the keyboard with three circles, that’ll allow you to access other apps. One app example is Jib Jab, an app that allows you to insert a photo into a funny GIF.


Facebook has setup a website for developers to get started.

Source: Facebook

  • Elias Chao

    I can see the ability to integrate Whatsapp right into the Messenger app, coming.

    • Juschan

      And. If that happens i’ll be fine with telegram. i am not installing the messenger app!

  • leart

    Is anyone else having issues to write or rating apps on itune?
    Cant do that and iTunes is showing me a warning that you don’t now that app which is not true …. Boo
    Or it’s because i still use a older ios version?

    • Duc T-ra

      Did you get in from App Store using you Apple ID? If you got the App from others source, you would not be able to rate the app

      • leart

        No from appstore, but it is happening mostly when I’m using my ios 6 devices and with apps that dropped the support for ios 6 and below, it’s a kinda strange situation since appstore is giving to me the last version working for my ios version but it won’t let me make reviews, instead I can in ios 7

    • Alborz

      If you pirate an app, you won’t be able to review it.

      • leart

        Your comment is ridiculous , it was supposed that I’m not pirating apps.. Event tweaks and even I don’t jailbreak anymore, that device is not jailbroken genius..

      • leart

        How about this?

      • Alborz

        jesus man… you need to cool down 🙂
        I’m just trying to share what i think my help solve the problem. and this is iDownloadBlog after all. the community of jeailbreakers where pirating isn’t exactly uncommon. (are you on iOS 5 btw?)

      • leart

        No ios 6.1.3 – ipad mini/iphone 4. The same thing on ios 6.1.2 ipod4.
        Probably apple is trying to annoy people like me who are still on ios 6, and push them to update. started to happen very recently but i guess that a very small number of users will notice this.
        Interesting is that for example if i restore any of those devices without saving my purchases on iTunes locally ill will not be able to use those apps again downloading them directly from AppStore on mobile even that i payed tons of money for.. meh. im lucky that i had a habit to save old versions of apps and im able to use ALL my apps on ios 6 still…

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Bro! Just don’t update!!! I told you many times i feel jealous of you.. :p But whenever i miss iOS 6 i always see some of your pics. 😀
        F*** them with f****** in 1 star review!! JUST DON’T UPDATE. 🙂 😉

        Btw if downgrading is possible i was thinking to downgrade my 4S to 6. 😉 Then i thought i won’t be able to use any of the apps. Like whatsapp, i’m using it on iOS 8 , will i be able to use it when i downgrade to 6? Will they let me download the iOS 6 version?

      • leart

        i have no plan to update my ipad mini, it has great battery life and is stunning fast on ios 6. my iphone 4 can downgrade, i went many times on ios7 and back to 6.
        about the apps not sure , for some apps appstore will let you download the latest version compatible, always if you used that app in the past, or just download the app in itunes on your pc and it will registered like your purchase.. whatsapp is working at 100% can confirm that
        im pretty sure that some apps will not give you a compatible version even that version is still on appstore servers.

        i did a test, i made a back up of my iphone in icloud with older versions of app installed in, restored the device and restored from icloud back up, and the olds version of app were installed, thats means that they are still present on servers but if you choose to download them one by one, its impossible

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Ok bro. 🙂
        I really wish i never updated my 4s to 7. You know new features and new design made me go for it but battery life and performance has gone down drastically after this! And iOS 8 3rd party keyboards made me to update. The worst decision i’ve ever taken!

      • leart

        my 4s is still on 7.1.1, never update a apple device in the latest firmware that will support, even ios 7 is bad for the battery, cant imagine ios 8. this month my battery died and probably it would last longer on ios6

    • Marcus

      You should try updating all of your apps. The pop up says that you must have “downloaded” the item you wish to review. You’re currently viewing “Current Version” app store rating and you don’t have the current version for the app installed. You might be able to switch over to “All Versions” and write a review, but I wouldn’t know because I’m just guessing in all of this. Good luck.

      TL;DR Update your apps.

      • leart

        I cant update those apps, is happening especially on apps that are requiring ios 7 < i just can download the latest version compatible with ios 6.
        And the dark part of this story is that, for example if i restore my device without saving apps locally and even saving them in a safe place, not in iTunes folder, i will not able to download those apps again from the device even that i payed tons of money for. This is stealing because for example my iPod 4 can't update to ios 7 and I'm screwed.
        keeping apps on iTunes local folder is not safe since if i transfer purchases from my newer device on ios 7-8 it will overwrite the old version of the app with the latest one which will not work on ios 6
        Very complicated to deal with older devices and ios versions, apple is pushing hard to make people's life very hard if you decided to not update… hehe

      • leart

        I forgot , it’s impossible to switch to “all versions” 🙂

  • Andrew

    I still hate messenger…..

  • GzyOnline

    Cydia>FBNoNeedMessenger.. I’m still using Messages in my stock Facebook app! Jailbreak4Life!! You Gotta Luv It!! ;-D