Transition is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that adds a ton of new Lock screen-to-Home screen animated transitions to iOS. In all, there are over two-dozen animated transitions, and that doesn’t include the random option that will allow you to enjoy a different transition with every unlock of your device. If you’re looking to add some spice to the unlock animation on your iPhone, then Transition may be just what you need.

After Transition is installed, you’ll need to go to the Settings app to find the tweak’s preferences. Once there, you’ll see a kill switch, and a panel to establish the desired animation.

As mentioned, there are lots of animations included with Transition, and it can be a little overwhelming when you first scroll through the massive list. With that in mind, you may be best off using the random option, at least up front, so that you can easily get a taste of some of the included animations. You can also watch our video walkthrough, because I step through all 25 of the included animations so that you don’t have to.


One thing that you should keep in mind about Transition, is that while Touch ID works perfectly fine with it installed, the majority of the transitions aren’t visible unless you use a traditional slide to unlock swipe. Transition does work with a passcode, but it’s better experience without a passcode.

Transition will be out in the very near future on the BigBoss repo for $1.99. If you’re searching for a way to liven up things on the iPhone’s Lock screen, then this is a tweak to keep an eye out for.

What do you think about Transition? Does it look appealing to you?

  • Evan Radzunas

    any idea of a release date?

    • Brian Brown

      It’s probably submitted to Cydia if there’s a price tag already. So within 3 days or so

      • Evan Radzunas

        Yeah I’d think the same thing on multify but I haven’t seen that yet 😛

      • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

        the dev fixed a price tag after comparing to other unlocking animation tweaks out there and its going to come out during the start of April 🙂

  • Eni

    All the same, the first one was cool thought

  • ShawnTXDFW

    These are actually pretty cool! I’d buy it when it becomes available. I’m also waiting for Multify. Will keep an eye out. Liked the video, just reminded me of p0rn type music. Just sayin’. LOL! Good job narrating the video though Jeff!

  • Shami

    The way jeff does the names sounds like an “to win” list on a family game show lol great as always tho. Goes without saying really.

  • Croak


    • Yes, they were getting a bit….how should I put this…”anxious for the limelight” hehe…

  • JR

    I feel like I just watched a cheesy infomercial.

  • Michael Sweeney

    Looks like you had a lot of fun making this video @jeffbenjamin
    “Pixelate A, Pixelate B, scanner.” The time of your voice and how it came out was pure comic genius. Thanks for the laugh and video illustrating this new tweak.

    • I did, indeed. I had to shoot it a few times because I kept laughing throughout. Glad you found it humorous.

  • Ali

    After Unlockize, was waiting for something like this!

  • Paresh Bhatia

    nice tweak and too many effects but i think Unlockize waz way better in animations specially curtains. Nice video Jeff

  • AnoNymouz

    That God awful music! The way you were saying the names felt like I was learning the alphabet on Sesame Street. I personally don’t like the new way videos are done.

    • mike

      I personally thought the opposite. I like creativity and embrace change, but I wasn’t always this way, so your perspective is understandable.

  • nice , its like Barrel but for lock screen

  • Spycer0

    Man, that looked kinda glitchy tho…

  • Francis Agbada

    Total crap!

  • Matt Campbell

    Pointless tweak with very average animations! They can keep it!

  • Totally useless if you have an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5, since almost everyone unlock using the touch ID, more than slice to unlock, also looks awful if you have a unlock code, since many of the effects leaves a black areas.