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Episode 74 lends a deeper discussion about the Apple Watch, including understanding its position within our lives. How the new Apple TV could potentially change the way we watch television. Jeff explains why you should consider using a mechanical keyboard.

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  • Khalid Tahhan

    Jeff and Company… kairoswatches already has a mechanical watch with a transparent screen below the saphire crystal glass .. check it out.

  • George

    The poor people buy android conversation was utterly annoying to listen to.

    • Chocolatewe

      is it because you are poor? aw bless

      • George

        No its because its a dumb thing to say. Samsung galaxy phones are the same price as I phones, I don’t see people buying android because they can’t afford an iPhone. Everytime I go back to iOS I last like 1 week before I get annoyed with how shitty it runs. Constant safari pages refreshing with shitty 1gb ram such a joke.

      • Melvco

        I admit the conversation was a bit tactless, but as stated in the podcast, there is *a lot* of data backing up this sentiment.

        Comscore is just one of several examples:


      • George

        There are studies about a lot of things it doesn’t mean it’s any bit true when it comes to iOS vs android. Maybe if you had this conversation 2 years ago I would agree with you.

  • Chocolatewe

    i love your jokes Sebastian, 😀

  • This was one of my favorite episodes of the entire podcast. Very, very well done. I loved the content and of course, all the Apple Watch talk. I’m with you Seb, I’m so overly excited. Although the current fitness tracking features (and the potential for even better capabilities to be developed) is what’s intriguing me the most. Can’t wait.