If you frequently use your MacBook on the road, you’re familiar with the stress of planning out your battery usage just-so, fighting for that seat next to the outlet at Starbucks, or having your MacBook run out of battery just before you’re finished with what you’re working on. With ChugPlug, you can relieve that stress – at least for a few extra hours.

The ChugPlug for MacBook is a portable charger that plugs directly into the power-block of your normal charging cable. Delivering 3 to 4 hours of extra power, anyone who finds themselves in need of extra juice should consider this relatively small, lightweight power pack. With our deal at the iDownloadBlog Deals store, you can get it for 34% off.

The ChugPlug works with 11” and 13” MacBook Air models and the 13” MacBook Pro. The extra battery unit links to your Mac through your existing MagSafe connector. Simply plug it in and you’re done, allowing you to keep chugging along for a few extra hours.

The unit also comes free with a Travel Bag and Travel box to make sure it stays as good as new. There are a lot of portable batteries out there for smartphones, but not many that can charge a MacBook. With our 34% off discount, you can get the ChugPlug for $84.99, including free US shipping. If you’re international, it’s available for $120 (including free international shipping).

After impressing media at CES, the ChugPlug has great user reviews. Get more power and more freedom with ChugPlug.

  • Why don’t you guys sell the products you review and endorse, instead of the 90% of garbage you offer at “Cool Deals”? Ugh… this site is so losing it’s appeal with constant “articles” like this…

    • These are not “articles.” They’re just here to promote products from our Deals Store, which help support iDB. If you don’t like these posts, I suggest you simply skip them.

      • I do but they are everywhere and also full of gimmicky knockoff products. I have been following you Sebastien since it was only your running the site. Not anything like the iDB I grew to love…

  • Eli Montoya

    I’d like you guys to review these products. See how many readers you lose. Get my point?

    • That’s a better way to put it than I did!

  • Timothy

    This is a terrible design! You plug it into the wall, it converts the AC to DC to store it in a battery, then it converts the DC to AC to input to your power adapter, then your power adapter converts the AC back to DC and sends it to your computer! You waste so much heat and electricity with this. Try the BatteryBox instead.
    What idiot came up with this product?!