ios 8.3 beta 4

Apple has seeded the fourth beta of iOS 8.3 to developers, close to two weeks after seeding the third iOS 8.3 beta and roughly a month and a half after releasing the first iOS 8.3 beta.

The new build of iOS 8.3 carries the build number 12F5061, and is available to download over-the-air or from Apple’s iOS Developer Center. Apple also released Xcode 6.3 beta 4 with Swift 1.2 and an update for the Apple TV beta.

The new iOS 8.3 beta on Tuesday is the second beta for Apple’s new public AppleSeed program.

The first and second iOS 8.3 betas brought users the Apple Watch app, improvements to Messages, wireless CarPlay support, new emojis, support for Google 2-step verification, and the beginnings to bring Apple Pay to China. It’s suspected the new beta on Tuesday continues updating these new features.

Here’s what’s new (updating…):

  • Apple has removed the beta label from iCloud Photo Library. It was previously removed, and then brought back.
  • Wireless CarPlay support removed.
  • Message filtering now says unknown senders instead of filtered.
  • Passbook is now divided into associated Apple Pay cards (top) and passes (bottom).

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 4.22.05 PM

Apple hasn’t detailed when iOS 8.3 will be released to the public, however it’s expected to do so around the launch of the Apple Watch on April 24 so the iPhone gains support for the new wearable.

We’re working on finding new features. If you find anything, make sure to let us know –

  • Eikast

    Hmm… maybe it’s possible that Apple will launch iOs 8.3 when the Apple Watch releases.For sure iOS 8.3 and OS X 10.10.3 will launch at the same time (would create problems if one is released before the other due to the new emojis).

    • Dany Quirion

      I think the same too :O

    • Matt

      They are two different OS.

      • Eikast

        No sh**. But if one is released before the other then the unreleased OS will see blocks instead of the new emoji.

      • Matt

        Nah. It won’t.

      • Matt

        Emoji already exist since iOS 5. And I don’t see “blocks” in emoji at 10.10.3

      • Matt

        Emoji already exist since iOS 5. And I don’t see “blocks”.

  • Jake Dai

    beta4… wrong title

    • Yes fixed, sorry

      • Matt

        Can you please tell Jake Smith that the build number is wrong its 12F61.

  • Pokeh321

    Interesting there isn’t an ending letter on the build number. Betas usually have those for Apple software, although not always. But this is 14 builds higher it seems.

  • Brandon Higgins

    * wireless carplay. Previous versions have already had Carplay.

  • Manor

    Am I the only one that still can’t sign up for Apple’s iOS beta testing program?

    • Chris Gilmore

      Me neither. I’m searching everywhere and can’t find anything but Yosemite beta.

      • I believe it is still invite only for the iOS beta.

      • Austin Dean

        I have the mobileconfig profile readily available if anyone wants it to access the beta without invite

      • Grant Mona

        Mind sharing it?

      • Austin Dean

        Yeah of course

      • Troy

        Would love to get it as well email is abdiel134 at gmail

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        Could you please share the profile with me?

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        Email me at austindean91 me com
        And I can get the profile sent off

      • Chad Bradley

        Sent. Thank you very much

      • Are you still sending them out?

      • Anmol Malhotra

        What do i need to do with mobileconfig profile?

      • Austin Dean

        You install it to the device and it opens it up for 8.3b2 (which is the public build)

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Sent you the mail. 🙂
        Do i need to open the file from my iPhone?

      • Chinch07

        Hey Austin, I just sent you an email. If you’re getting a bunch of emails from people don’t worry about. Either way thanks so much!

      • Austin Dean

        Sent the profile chinch. Also, due to high volumes of emails for the profile, I will be sending them in groups, if I don’t get to you right away please be patient; there’s one of me and a lot of you.

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        Yes please share that, I’m sick off all the bugs in 8.2

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      • Can you send me the profile too.

      • Adam Nellessen

        search “install iOS 8.3 pubic beta without an invite”. you will find it in 10 seconds. tried it myself, it works. i posted the link yesterday but it is still “pending” which is real funny for a jailbreak site.

    • Tyler Smith

      You had to be asked to beta test.

      • Jonathan

        No, you don’t. (link in other post)

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Hey, Do you have some knowledge about TinyUmbrella?

      • Jonathan

        The old version (A4 only), or the new one (A5+ SHSH saver)?

      • Anmol Malhotra

        A5. I have iPhone 4S. So when i just fetched SHSH BLOBS for 4S, i got OTA BLOBS for 6.1.3 . I wanna ask you is it actually possible to downgrade using OTA BLOBS?

      • Jonathan

        Unfortunately, I cannot answer that. There is no word what the full extent that the new TinyUmbrella downgrading tool is capable of until announced. Your best bet is to hold onto those SHSH blobs. I’m pretty sure they weren’t downloaded for nothing though. So save ’em just in case.
        What iOS are you currently on? The only way that would make sense for you to have gotten a 6.1.3 SHSH blob is if you currently *are* on 6.1.3.

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Ohk. I’m currently on 8.3 . No, ih8sn0w said TU fetches the SHSH blobs of the iOS versions Apple is currently signing no matter on what iOS ver you’re on. So i got Erase Update and OTA blobs of 8.2 & 8.1.3 and OTA blobs of 6.1.3 . I must have saved them when i was on 6.1.3 , i really don’t remember. Maybe that’s why they are still present.
        Was it possible to downgrade using OTA blobs with old TinyUmbrella?

      • Jonathan

        Hmm, I’m not sure.

        As to the answer to your question, I’m leaning to no, but I’m not positive. I recall always grabbing SHSH through iTunes SHSH blobs, not OTA blobs. I could be wrong though.

      • Tyler Smith

        Ah well I was asked so I thought everyone had to be

  • Tyler Smith

    So do you think that we should hold off on the 8.2 jailbreak until the Apple watch release???

    Edit: maybe skip 8.2 and only do the 8.3 jailbreak as to make it easier for those who have the Apple watch

  • Wireless CarPlay support is no longer present in the new beta (iOS 8.3 beta 4 [12F61]).

  • iBanks

    Well…. Is this new or nah? Look how iOS takes the majority color and theme it within the clock and icons on lock screen. Rather sexy if I must say so myself.

    • ericesque

      Not new. iOS has analyzed wallpapers to determine foreground colors for a while now. I don’t know what release it was part of, but there seems to be a gamut of options for iOS to pick: white, white with varying degrees of drop shadow, gray, black, or black with sort of glow behind the text. Looks sharp on that particular background though!

  • Falcon Insight

    Hope That Apple previous record with iOS 7 won’t happen Again.

  • Mike Dukarm

    Just curious as to why I have a build number of 12F61 ?? Why don’t I have 12F5061 ?? I am on beta 4 this isnt my first time doing this either. How could I have a different number

  • Mike Dukarm

    Never mind just checked the dev center I have the right build. Not sure why they wrote 50 I theirs?

  • Makeyos

    Is there Polish support for Siri in beta 4 ?

  • Brian

    I just updated an my build is 8.3 (12F61)

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Best ios version since ios 6? so no more crashes and the 3rd party keyboards are fixed?

  • Lamoni Woulard

    Passbook now has sections for Apple Pay Cards and Passes

  • Jeremy

    Default emojis now have plain blonde hair

  • Chris Wagers

    For those of you that go to the page that talks about enrolling in the beta are you also just seeing enroll your Mac in the public beta with no way to enroll your iOS device? I see enroll your Mac in the public beta but I see nothing about enrolling iOS device. Just checking if that’s just me or everyone one.

    • Dri

      You need to be invitet for the ios beta

      • Chris Wagers

        Ok thanks. Just wandering. I keep hearing public testers not just here but other places too. To me public means like everyone. So it’s reall the invite only public testers. It’s probably right the way it’s worded but it just always make me think everyone should be able to grab it.

  • First: I thought that Passbook was already divided into Pay and Passes.

    Second: Some of the emojis have changed. The diverse emojis now have a gold option, which was not available in previous betas of iOS 8.3. Also, the family emojis are now in gold, and still can’t be changed to other ethnicities (which makes sense because of the large variety of combinations that would have to be made to fit everyone’s needs).

    • John

      To answer your first question. Yes, but now it’s more obvious that they are divided rather then just the passes sitting on top of each other.

  • not that big deal

  • Guest

    Jake Smith the build number is wrong. 12F61

  • Ryan Kovatch

    I don’t think that iOS 8.3 will be released in a while, because 8.2 already has full Apple Watch support, suggesting that 8.2 will be the latest OS at the time