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The App Recap is iDB’s daily roundup of notable news from the wonderful world of iOS software. Below you’ll find a list of discounts, updates and new releases we think are worth checking out. Today’s selections include some great app deals and a handful of new games you won’t want to miss.


aNote – ($2.99 free) – take fullscreen screenshots in Safari or photos from your Camera Roll, annotate them, and save them as PDF or JPG. Download for iPhone here.

Quest of Dungeons – ($1.99 $0.99) – an evil Dark Lord has stolen all the light, so your mission is to enter his lair and defeat him. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Ask MathStudio – ($4.99 free) – provides instant answers to all of your math questions regarding Calculus, Algebra and more using natural language. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Bike Baron – ($1.99 $0.99) – the ultimate bike game for iOS with great graphics, simple gameplay and a full-featured level editor. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Toca Doctor – ($2.99 free) – an innovative app that introduces children to the medical profession and the human body through fun and creative mini games. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

RGB Express – ($2.99 $1.99) – a unique and beautiful puzzle game in which you must help a shipping company deliver the correct packages to the right houses. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

DOOO – ($2.99 $0.99) – a unique todo list and notes app with powerful features like image annotation, voice note recording and more. Download for iPhone here.

Week Calendar – ($1.99 free) – a sharp-looking calendar with a number of features including local event invites, support for all major Calendar services, and a Notification Center widget. Download for iPhone here.

Walking for Weight Loss – ($4.99 free) – a ready-to-use 3-month training plan that includes 5-7 workout days a week designed specifically to achieve   more results in less time. Download for iPhone here.

Other apps still on sale


Snapchat – (free) – the popular ephemeral messaging app was updated today, adding a new ‘Needs Love’ section in contacts and various other small improvements. Download for iPhone here.

IMDb – (free) – Amazon updated the iOS client for its movie database today, improving the way Cast Character names are displayed and the Born Today page, and enhancing keyboard themes. Download for iPhone and iPad here.


Escape Blueprint – ($1.99) – a hardcore stealth action puzzle game developed by Daimaku studio in which you play as an agent who accept missions to save prisoners in prisons. Download for iPad here.

Addial – ($0.99) – a Notification Center widget that puts a phone dialer, contacts and more right at your fingertips. Download for iPhone here.

Music Wrench – (free) – an innovative app that transcribes live music playing and color-codes it so that intonation errors can be quickly spotted. Download for iPad here.

Nevergrid – ($0.99) – an exquisitely crafted, fun puzzle game that is easy to understand and challenging to play. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Token Hero – (free) – build your airship and take to the sky on a quest to rescue the beautiful princess in this gem-matcher with a twist. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

OH NO Volcano – ($0.99) – a game about a peaceful village, a mean old volcano and lots of falling stuff, based on a story of adventure and bravery in the face of impossible odds. Download for iPhone here.

As always, prices are subject to change at anytime, and don’t forget to let us know if we missed something down in the comments below.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Nice. Never knew IMDB is owned by Amazon.

    • Noohar

      Same here. All the Amazon ads in the App are now more clearer lol