Taking a page out of Facebook’s playbook, Twitter has begun testing autoplaying videos on the timelines of a small group of users, AdAge first spotted. With the test, you may see videos playing without tapping a play button – and this means ads, too.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the test that’s occurring on Twitter’s iPhone and iPad apps. The autoplay test applies to Promoted Video ads, along with videos uploaded through Twitter’s mobile app through its new video service. 

“We’re running a small test on a few variations on the video playback experience,” a Twitter spokesman said. The company didn’t detail when, or if, it plans to rollout the feature on a grand scale. However as investors begin pressuring Twitter for more advertising revenue, having users view advertisements more frequently could be the answer.

As part of the small test, some users are seeing entire videos automatically playing in a loop, while others are seeing looping 6-second autoplay previews teasing a video. Videos that originate in Vine, Twitter’s company’s 6-second-video app, will not play automatically on Twitter as part of this test.

Facebook kicked off the autoplaying video initiative in September 2013, averaging roughly 3 billion video views per day – including ads.

You can download Twitter’s iPhone and iPad app from the iTunes App Store.

Are you part of the limited test?

Source: AdAge

  • justme

    mmm.., may be it’s time to stop twitter updates…

    • Was thinking the same.

      • justme

        yep, this will become very serious in all internet services. most people didn’t realize how “ads” are invading your screens and consume your money in different ways. this is bad.
        it’s like if one neighbor are connected to your electric installation without your permission and consume the electricity that you are paying for.

    • ck125

      Or use a 3rd party twitter app. twitterific/tweetbot ftw

  • andyr354

    the way to monetize is not by pissing of your user base.

    • SoylentGreen

      Yeah but because of their niche market there is not much else they can do, and i don’t like cronies ☺

  • SoylentGreen

    This was on the cards as they are almost only a perception of wealth, they monetise little via 140 word tweeters.

  • They’re trying really hard to become the next Facebook and another reason why I will never use Twitter’s official app or the site. Plus, the auto play ads will be really annoying and waste data. Time for a new Twitter alternative I guess.