iOS 8.3 Beta iTunes and App Store Password settings

A new ‘Password Settings’ section has been discovered in the Settings app of the current iOS 8.3 beta which will permit users to set up their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad so that downloading free iTunes apps and iTunes media won’t require an Apple ID password.

The new option is only exposed to users when Touch ID is disabled, reports 9to5Mac. With Touch ID enabled, the new option is unavailable.

This is understandable to an extent, because approving purchases — free or paid — with the tap of a fingerprint is a frictionless experience.

Nested right inside the iTunes & App Store section in iOS 8.3’s Settings app, the new ‘Password Settings’ subsection contains much welcomed changes to the way Apple treats free app and iTunes media content downloads.

There, you’ll find an altogether new Require Password option.

Flip the switch to ON and the App Store and iTunes will let you download free apps from the App Store, free books from the iBooks Store and free music, movies and television shows in the iTunes Store without entering your Apple ID password.

The new option apparently is not showing up in all regions yet. It’s worth mentioning that paid apps and iTunes content still require a password or Touch ID authentication.

In addition, this section also includes another option to require a password for additional purchases (Always Require and Require After 15 Minutes), including In-App Purchases, after making a purchase with your Apple ID.

iOS 8.2 iTunes and App Store Password settings

In prior iOS versions, this option is available through Settings > General > Restrictions > Require Password, as show above.

Watchful readers will remember that iOS 6 briefly switched to not requiring users to put in their passwords when downloading free apps. But soon after, Apple reversed this behavior via a silent backend update without an explanation given.

The third and most current beta of iOS 8.3 was seeded to registered iOS developers on March 12. Apple also made it available on an invite-only basis to select users through the Apple Beta Software Program, no developer account required.

Conversation List Filtering Preferences

iOS 8.3 includes a new ‘Report Junk’ link and Conversation List Filter in the Messages app, eight new Siri languages, improved speech synthesis capabilities, wireless CarPlay, new and diversified emoji, support for two-factor Google Account authentication, the ability to ask Siri to make a phone call through the iPhone’s speaker via ‘Hey Siri’ command and other perks.

The software should release for public consumption in April.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Abe Masri

    Finally, something I’ve been waiting for a long time.

  • Marcus

    I’m patiently waiting for the presumed 8.2 jailbreak release at Mobile Security Summit 😀 Only 5 more days everyone.

    • Yeah but why release it on 8.2 when there seems to be real improvements on 8.3 that are much more useful than just the Watch stuff on 8.2?

      • Marcus

        I didn’t really think about that because we don’t have an official release date for 8.3. I think it’ll be released alongside 10.10.3 sometime at the end of April. I guess we’ll just have to see. 😉

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    Weren’t they going to establish this in iOS 7?

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    It only took like 5+ years

  • leart

    filippo bigarellas passwordpilot finally got implemented 😀

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    Hate that iTunes doesn’t accept Touch ID after restart

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    i send this to idownloadblog some days before but i think they ignored or they didnt see ;(

    Battery life suggestion and voice data chooser.

  • Fardeen Beharry

    this article is a bit misleading, it does not allow the FIRST purchase to proceed without password. once u make get a free app and use ur password for the first time, the subsequent purchase requires no password just like before. in the end it does not change anything. i really wished the first purchase would not require password

    • Keith

      That’s why my wife got the password pop up! I recall getting one first now. Thanks for bringing this up!

  • sosarozay300

    how can i get ios 8.3 beta i dont have a dev account