cDock 3D Dock Mac

Do you miss OS X’s 3D dock? OS X Yosemite finally did away with the 3D dock that’s been present since the release of OS X Leopard, but you can get it back by using a simple application called cDock.

cDock includes, among a host of other features, the ability to theme the dock with over a dozen built-in themes. There are night themes, fullscreen themes, pink themes, and, of course, 3D themes. If you’ve been reminiscing about the “good ol’ days”, then you can easily relive the past with this handy little application.

Step 1: Download and install cDock

Step 2: In the Dock theme dropdown box, choose the Yose Light (3D) theme

Step 3: Click Apply

Sadly, if you’re a left dock user like I am, then you don’t get to bask in the 3D glory, as 3D docks are only for bottom dock users. If you just need to satisfy your nostalgic itch, then position the dock down at the bottom of the screen for a while so that you can enjoy the 3D theme. Just be sure to quickly move the dock back to the left, lest you rekindle bad habits.

What do you think about the dock in OS X Yosemite? Do you prefer the flatter 2D dock, or do you miss the 3D version?

  • GuyWithTheThings

    PLEASE do more of this type of stuff Jeff. I love these articles. It would be awesome if you could compile a list of the best EasySIMBL plugins. 😀

    • Chinch07

      I second this!

  • Mgggb

    Honestly, having the dock at the bottom is perfectly fine just so long as its hidden. Moving it to the left is unnatural and completely disrupts my workflow. Besides there are only a few programmes that benifite from full screen anyway.

    • Luca

      Safari is enough for me 🙂

  • port87

    as always, one of your batteries is low Jeff. Its like a tradition.

  • I think that the 2D dock is more elegant. Back in OSX Snow Leopard and Lion I would alter the plist value in order to have the 3D effect off. I would kill a virgin and a new born to have the Tiger style dock. But meh, now that we don’t have it anymore some people want it back.

    Go figure!

  • Guest

    What’s the application that allows Jeff to record his screen?

    • Tyler Allen

      Quicktime. File. New Screen Recording

  • Tyler Allen

    I personally find the 3D dock tacky! I do use cdock to make the dock dark black. I have all custom black and white icons, as well as the black menubar. Then little apple scripts like: defaults write orientation -string left;killall Dock, followed by some some automator hotkeys and changing back and forth is as easy as a key combo. This can also be done with the auto hide. depending on workflow, you could even bind wacom tablet buttons to these as well.