Couria Teaser

Yesterday, we brought you a preview of the upcoming quick reply and quick compose tweak, Couria. Today, we’re showing you how you can go hands on with the tweak.

Couria is now available on a special beta repo by its developer, QusicS. If you’ve been desperate for a good quick compose solution and an enhanced quick reply interface, then you may want to take it for a test drive.

First of all, be sure to watch our hands-on video above so that you know what to expect before you add the beta repo. As you’ll see, the tweak is still in development, but it’s fleshed out enough to where it’s usable.

Adding the beta repo

Step 1: Launch Cydia

Step 2: Tap Sources → Edit → Add

Step 3: Add the following repo address in the Enter Cydia/APT URL box

Step 4: Tap Add Source

Step 5: On the Source tab, tap Q’s Beta and find Couria under the Tweaks section

Couria Beta Repo

Remember, you’re installing beta test software, so don’t expect it to work perfectly. Please sound off down below in the comment section and let us know how you enjoyed the experience.

  • Cristian B

    Works well on my iP6 8.1.1

  • Jonathan

    I liked the music in the video. =)

  • Everett Clark Davis

    I doubt I’ll ever jailbreak my iPhone again, but it’s amazing to me how much more versatile a jailbroken iPhone is when compared to Android. The number one argument for Android is that it’s so much more customizable. But having experienced Android and both jailbroken and not iPhones, a jailbroken iPhone is in my opinion much more customizable.

    • I have to agree…

      • mohamad

        Very sexy its work fine . About missing names Just start typing any name u will be fine with it

    • So why wouldn’t you jailbreak again? What is holding you back?

      • Everett Clark Davis

        I’m fine with stock iOS; it does everything I want it to do. And plus the messiness of downloading apps and tweaks from Cydia is more trouble than it’s worth for me. I love Apple because it always “just works,” and when I jailbroke before, it took some effort. I’m by no means saying jailbreaking is bad. I just don’t need it right now. 🙂

  • HRamos10

    How come my background is green when I Quickcompose? Does everyone else have green?

    • Thuggy

      Do you have dathbanners lite installed? if you do, thats the reason.

    • TonyVee73

      Mine is also green but I’m assuming it’s because of the Coono tweak.

  • Oscar

    My contact names do not come up when I do a quick compose. Any idea why? I checked my privacy settings, everything seems fine.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      Respring your iPhone

      • L J

        Same thing for me. I resprung turn off and back on. Quick reply only shows numbers. No names. Anyone got a fix for this

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        There an update now did it fix your issue

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    So far this tweak doesn’t work when you select new contact. Still way better than Message+.

  • L J

    My contact names do not come up when I do a quick compose just numbers. I respring and reboot. Nothing. Help plz

  • Chris Ryan

    tried the ios7 version and wasn’t a fan, but then again nothing compared to bitesms, now that that isn’t an option for iOS 8 i’m going to give this another try…its my most missed tweak/feature of a jailbroken phone!

  • Chris Ryan

    for those saying you only get numbers and no names i had the same problem after install…what i did was simply start typing in a name in the search bar and it prompted me to allow access to my contacts list…as soon as i allowed it the names showed up…hope thats helps.

  • Ibrahim Aygun

    Can’t send a message. “Send” button does not highlight.

  • solidsephiroth

    Love the tweak but I’ve encountered a big issue. When I use it, it dismisses itself for no reason most of the time. I assume this is just a bug but it wasn’t fixed in the update so I’m not sure if the developer is aware.

  • Not bad. If you don’t see a message history; then just respring.

  • solidsephiroth

    Update: QusicS just released an update which solved the QR dismiss problem I had mentioned earlier. Apparently, it had to do with dismissing by swiping on the keyboard. He eliminated that and the tweak works perfectly now for me! Thanks, QusicS!

  • kron1k 

    Lol looks like Sebastien’s ready to give up on Messages+!!!

  • ✌️

    Incompatible with swipe selection. It’s sluggish and lags. Where do we report bugs?

  • Anthony Rea

    Very smoth runing iphone 6 OS 8.1 !

  • Chris

    Working perfectly for me, glad send delay still works

  • Chris Ryan

    the update fixed the issue of trying to select a contact and getting a blank screen, seems to be working nicely now on iPhone 5 iOS 8.1.2…finally can get rid of using an activator gesture to launch stock messaging app!!!

  • Wa1t

    stick to messages+, quicker and better

  • Scott Curry

    I want to make the Activator gesture for QR by pressing both volume buttons (a la BiteSMS), but I don’t know Activator very well and I don’t want to screw this up. Anyone wanna reply with a quick ‘how to’? 🙂 TIA

    • Scott Curry

      NVM. Figured it out.


    it works awesome, just a few things i would like the app to have: be able to reply from lock screen, (dont know if that is possible on this beta) another would be to close and reply when you want from the notifications. other than that tweak is very slick. wouldnt mind paying to help develop

  • About to install on 8.1.2 and very excited to try it after losing Bite. Looking forward to a stable release!

  • Kim Olsson

    Hrm this screws up my quick reply, ios 8.1 iPhone 6, I see the keyboard and quick reply pops up, but the text I type doesnt show up. Any fix for this?

  • leafsfan85

    caused crashing and extreme (and I mean extreme) laginess on my iphone 5 ios 8.1. Got lots of tweaks installed and no clue what it’s clashing with – can’t bother to check one by one but hopefully a stable release will solve the issue. Was definitely the next best thing considering the lack of Bite!

  • Joshua Collins

    Doesn’t do a thing on my iPhone 5 8.1 cant open nothing

  • jamster440

    does it work with iOS 7.1.2?

  • Hard Head69

    My notifications aren’t showing up on my lock screen. I don’t know if it’s because of courts but It didn’t happen before I downloaded. Any advice?

  • Gaynell Crenshaw

    Only think came up in Q’s Tweaks for me, was Xgress and ZJUWLAN Helper