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With April’s launch of the Apple Watch on the horizon, we’re starting to see first adapters designed to let Watch wearers use their device with third-party watch bands, not just Apple’s.

Advertised as the first and patent pending adapter for standard straps for the Apple Watch, the Adappt by four Italian students, two of which are behind the inCharge, a tiny keyring USB charging cable, has now launched on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

The Adappt lets you wear your Apple Watch with any band. But don’t let this quite simple idea fool you, the Adappt is quite ingenious.

As a quick reminder, the Apple Watch case has a mechanism to enable straps to be interchanged. The Adappt has Apple’s proprietary plug on one side that slides into the Apple Watch band groove. The other side has a classic pin plug used by the vast majority of wrist watches.

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It’s available in two sizes, one for the 38mm and one for the 42mm Apple Watch, and comes in three finishes, each in two colors. They’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that the Adappt matches the style of your Watch in terms of build quality, the materials and manufacturing technology.

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“Our aluminum is anodized through an electro-chemical process that creates a porous surface, then coated with a dye, to look and feel exactly like the Sport edition versions, Silver and Space Gray aluminum,” they claim.

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The stainless steel version of the Adappt uses an alloy of stainless steel with the best strength/corrosion resistance ratio. It’s then carefully polished to give it a clean mirror look, just like the stainless steel Apple Watch.

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They’re also providing a darker elegant color to match the stainless steel Adappt to the Apple Watch Space Black variant. As for an Adappt finish for the Apple Watch Edition, they plate it with yellow or rose gold.

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I can totally see the Adappt becoming quite popular.

As you know, the price of an Apple Watch varies depending on your chosen band. Apple will be selling a handful of different bands that won’t come cheap (except for fluoroelastomer bands for the Apple Watch Sport) so adapters like the Adappt will help Watch owners save some money by using one of less expensive third-party watchbands with their device.

For instance, the least expensive Apple Watch Sport can now be matched with a classic band with the Adappt. Check out their promotional video below.

“We are working with the best manufacturers of the field, to match the quality and attention to detail of Apple products,” project lead Ludovico Cianchetta ensured me via email.

“We found reliable manufacturers for each material, that will help us deliver a well finished product,” they said. The current models “are really precise.” As the exact dimensions are not known yet, they’ll have to wait until the Watch is released to finalize the accessory.

Adappt for Apple Watch image 001

The Adappt is the brainchild of Lorenzo Filiberto Ferraris, Ludovico Cianchetta, Carlo Edoardo Ferraris and Francesco Crema.

The accessory will be available in plastic, anodized aluminum and stainless steel finishes. Along with the Adappt itself, they’re also offering a combination of the adapter and a high quality rubber, leather or stainless steel band in a wide variety of colors, priced at $9 to $18 (adapter included).

The Adappt band itself starts at just seven bucks for the plastic edition and goes all the way up to $250 for a gold plated variant. The accessory along with the bands is scheduled to ship in June 2015.

You can pre-order yours from the Indiegogo campaign webpage.

Source: Indiegogo

  • Perfect.

  • Justin Rowe

    Hmmm now this is a brilliant idea!! If it gets a launch then I’ll definatly be looking at the stainless version of the Apple Watch

  • Correct me if I’m worng but wasn’t there a feature on the watch to detect if the clasp was undone and required a pin before using again? If that’s so I don’t see how this would work well with that. Still a very nice Idea.

    • David Fabian

      The pin security is based on whether the watch sensors (on the back) have contact with your skin, it doesn’t have to do with the watch band or clasp.

    • Your correct in a way. On the back of the watch there’s a clip where the band will snap into. But that’s easy to replicate on a device such as this. They just need to make their clip snap into the watch properly, that’s all. The watch will function just as before, there’s no chip in it that would not allow extensions such as this.

  • Sean

    Hmmm maybe I should save on money by just investing in this and getting the core watch only.

    • This Guy

      I thought I read you won’t be able to buy the Watch alone. You’ll be required to purchase a band…

  • Jose Antonio Gomez

    That I like!

  • AnArcticMonkey

    This is actually huge, well done lads.

    Edit: WOW that price point is really good, can’t imagine Apple will be too thrilled with this, but what did they expect.

  • ‘Ariff

    click looks like sh*t

  • ravinigga

    Apple letting 3rd party good move.

  • What an incredible idea! But can someone clear something up for me? I thought all bands were compatible with all watches and can be mixed and match at will. Is this just a “work around” to make the clasp match the watch casing you’ve chosen?

    Example: I believe if you buy the space gray Sport watch and purchase the classic leather band, the clasp of the classic leather band won’t necessarily match the Space Gray casing of the watch.

  • João Lyra Araujo

    Off topic.
    I can no longer listen to this kind of music of kickstarter’s/indiegogo’s campaign.

  • Mar

    Product looks good but the creators keep making fake accounts on kickstarter and bashing the click creators. It’s really childish and makes me reluctant to back adappt.

    This was after they were rude to the creators and their backers.

  • Mar

    Except the Click creators are consummate professionals. While the adappt creators are childish and petty.

    • Kevin Osborne

      Sometimes the coverage iDB chooses to do makes little sense to me… I think more things are “sponsored” than they want to admit…

  • we also got this watch Clasp and really easy to replace ather band!

  • ehh,not as the same