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For anyone interested in iOS app development or design, we’ve got an awesome deal today. With the Pay What You Want iOS Designer Bundle at iDownloadBlog Deals, you’ll get 3 how-to mobile design courses, plus 3 sets of design assets to help you create beautiful apps. The bundle has a total value of $1,297, but with this deal, you name the price! For any price over $1, you’ll get two of the design courses, and if you beat the average price (currently just $12.39), you unlock the whole bundle.

With this deal, you will get full and unlimited access to:

Mobile App Design from Scratch: Design Principles & UX Course – Become a mobile development maverick with this comprehensive app design course, managing the process from inception to delivery.

iPhone App Interface Design for Beginners – Master iOS design and learn how to create beautiful apps with over 3 hours of content.

Learn to build a Cross-Platform Mobile App Using PhoneGap – Inside these 17 mini-lectures are the secrets to becoming an expert in PhoneGap, which is a free platform for bridging the development gap between mobile and front-end web development languages.

The Ultimate Collection of Design Graphics from Creative VIP – Access and use a huge library of Photoshop and vector graphics that will super-style your design.

Assets for Simplifying the Web & Mobile Design Process – Streamline your app planning and development sessions with this visual layout software.

Freebo Design Asset Bundle – With 237 PSD graphics files and 300+ layouts, there’s an iOS design concept here for everyone.

On top of the already sweet pay what you want deal, the sugar coating is that 10% of your chosen price will go to Creative Commons, a non-profit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools.

Mobile clearly isn’t going away – if there was ever a time to learn mobile development, now’s it. iOS design is made simple with these courses and tools, and this bundle is the best place to start. At the end of the day, is there a better price than the price you choose?

Get the bundle.

  • Justice and Malice

    So it’s not “pay what you want”. It’s “pay any price over $1.00.

  • GzyOnline

    They REALLY need to put a Big Phat Disclaimer on these bundles… ***Apple Comupter Needed!*** …I’ve prev bought one of these bundles from Stack Social and I have yet to be able to start it–because I’m a PC user!
    $18 bundle… pending purchased of $2100 NEW Apple Computer!!! LOL!

    • Byron C Mayes

      To be fair, this *is* an Apple-centric site. Just saying.

    • burlow

      mac minis are what, $600?

  • mp

    $1300 worth of bundles for $13. Reminds me of the “if it’s too good to be true” line. It’s these sorts of ‘deals’ along with the $100 bluetooth earphones for 25 cents that drag the credibility of iDB to a level where they can play handball with a snake in the gutter. Incidentally that coincides with some snake oil currently on offering. Fair bloody dinkum!

  • ChrisK

    Be careful: this package does not work or is not redeamable “iPhone App Interface Design for Beginners”

  • Ugh I am so sick of these stupid ads. Sure wish I could block them so they didn’t appear in my feed.