Lithium is a brand new jailbreak tweak that adds a themed battery indicator to iOS 8. A similar tweak with a similar name, Alkaline, already exists on the Cydia store, and Lithium pretty much replicates the feeling of that tweak.

While some users report that Alkaline works perfectly on their iOS 8 device, it’s never worked without a visual glitch on my iPhone 6 Plus. For that reason, I’d be up for trying Lithium on an extended basis.

Once you install Lithium, you’ll find a new preference panel for the tweak in the stock Settings app. Lithium’s preferences are almost a mirror image of Alkaline’s, and even the name of one of its stock themes—Habesha—is lifted straight from Alkaline.

You can switch themes by going into the theme panel and selecting the alternate stock theme—LBI. After doing so, you’ll need to respring to enact the changes. Lithium’s developer says that it’s possible to create your own themes using javascript. These scripts can be found within the /Library/Lithium folder.

Lithium script

The fact that you can create your own themes using scripts is impressive. It’s also nice not to have to rely on WinterBoard for theming.

You can try Lithium today for free on the ModMyi repo. Let us know if you create any battery theme scripts; we’d be interested in seeing what you guys come up with.

  • Ahmed Karoui

    Cool, does it affect battery life?

    • Martynet

      Jailbreak itself affects battery life… in a bad way.

      • Norbi Whitney

        So does using Facebook all day…

      • deepdvd

        … or in a good way. Depends on how you use it.

      • Amoeba Stunts

        unless you have evidence to support your claim, no, jailbreaking does not affect battery life. the tweaks you add, however, do.

      • Ali G

        You clearly don’t know sh*t XD

  • SB safemode dir after respring with a Air 2

  • JR

    Like any jailbreak tweak yes it will but it has less of an impact than alkaline does using scripts instead of alot of png files to create the theme.

  • pauleebe

    Anyone notice any improvements from Alkaline?

    Never had an issue with Alkaline, so don’t see the point in switching (iP6 user here)

    • Tyler Smith

      apparently it is more lightweight and uses less code then alkaline. making it easier on the CPU and allowing for better battery.

      • pauleebe

        Any confirmation of this?

  • Paul Edmund

    I don’t think there are any themes available yet.

    • Ali G

      There are only like 2