rhino shield crash guard

Your iPhone 6 is precious, so give it the protection it deserves with the Rhino Shield Crash Guard. Designed to withstand major impacts, this case passes a drop test consisting of several consecutive 12-foot drops onto concrete – check out the deal page to see the video.

There’s also this frightening but awesome video which shows an iPhone 5 being hit repeatedly with a hammer, only to have the impact “absorbed” by a Rhino Shield screen protector. We don’t recommend taking a hammer to your iPhone but, we’ve got to admit, seeing it happen without the screen cracking is pretty impactful. Pun intended.

The beauty of this bumper + screen protector combo is that it achieves the best of both worlds: complete protection without bulk. The case is light and unobtrusive, slipping easily into your pocket. At just 12 grams, it won’t weigh you down.

But if you also want to be protected on all edges and angles, this is the package for you: the shock-absorbing Crash Guard bumper ensures your phone’s sides and corners stays protected. The Rhino Shield screen protector will keep your phone’s face crack-free, and the optional back protector will keep your beautiful aluminum backing dent-free as well. Wherever you drop it, even directly on it’s face, you’ll be protected.

Its matte black finish and ergonomic profile marries functionality and performance with style. Engineered to be compatible with both Apple and third party cables, you’ll have easy access to all ports and buttons.

The deal comes in at $44.99, including free shipping in the US, giving you $10 off the list price. You probably paid at least a couple hundred dollars for your beautiful new iPhone 6 – you should be willing to invest $45 more to make sure it stays beautiful and functional. The Crash Guard and Rhino Shield are some of the best protectors out there, and an awful lot cheaper than the cost of a replacement iPhone 6.

Check out the deal.