Apple TV Standing

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on Monday that Apple is in talks to launch an online television service in September, with roughly 25 channels on board, including big names ABC, CBS, and FOX networks.

The report notes Apple is targeting to announce the online TV service at WWDC in June, and the content will be available to view on the Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad, when it launches later in the year.

It’s being reported by the publication that Comcast and Apple are currently in a fall out after years of talks, and thus, the content talks don’t involve Comcast-owned NBCUniversal.

Other potential content could include channels from Disney (who owns ESPN), CBS, and 21st Century Fox, among other media companies as Apple continues negotiations.

The Wall Street Journal says Apple’s service will provide customers a “skinny” bundle with well-known channels like CBS, ESPN and FX, while leaving out the many smaller networks in the standard cable TV package.

Apple is said to charge roughly $30 to $40 a month. Dish’s Sling service has taken a similar approach, priced at $20.

The rumor on Monday follows Apple dropping the price of the current Apple TV set-top box to $69 at its “Spring Forward” media event last week. Furthermore, previous rumors have indicated Apple plans to launch an App Store, along with a thinner version of its set-top box at some point this year.

Former WSJ reporter Jessica Lessin calls Apple’s new initiative “Plan B”:

Recode’s Peter Kafka says “maybe”:

Some are already airing skepticism of the service:

Source: Wall Street Journal

  • George

    Can they remove fox because I don’t want for people to be exposed to bullshit

    • Marcus

      You should start accepting the truth of what is going on in America.

      • George

        oh please they are the same crap as any other news station except they are too right winged.

      • Marcus

        It’s not the same crap as every other news station. Fox News reports on important topics, but people just don’t like the channel because they can’t believe how a news channel can talk so badly about the government. Also, I used to think that they were too right winged as well. I know many people that think this. However, this isn’t the case. Fox states the facts about what is going on. The only reporter that offers opinion (bias) is Bill O’Reilly and he’s a Libertarian. If you want a right winged news source, check out some of the articles that “The Tea Party,” “The Blaze,” and “Conservative Daily” post on their Facebook pages. If you want a more left sided view, check out MSNBC who is open about funding Obama’s campaign.

      • Josh

        Don’t forget about CNN.

      • CollegiateLad

        Fox is trash like the rest of them.

      • Yeah, they sure “talk badly about the government” when a Republican is in office. They used to call Bush getting off a plane Breaking News…

      • Marcus

        I don’t remember them praising Bush when he was in office. They treated him like every other politician. It only appears that Fox hates Obama because of all the bad things that he does. They’re just exposing him. If you’re interested in what some of those things might be, feel free to let me know. I could go on hours, sadly.

      • 9to5Slavery

        Please no negative news channel at all. It does us no good.

      • So, tell me, how would Fox help us see the current reality of America as a whole?

        Fox News only provides information blurred out to suffice what the religious middle class America wants to believe in. They are hypocrites that sugar coat the truth for fitting in a religiously biased stereotype. Honestly, we can acquire more information and facts out of exacerbated social issues displayed on The Simpsons or Famijy Guy than from the actual news segment.

        Note that I am not inferring that there are any other network that can cover Fox flaws, and that is the main reason to why we have to analyse several sources in a thorough manner, so we can have enough information to form our own opinions, instead of swallowing those of, as it actually turns out to be, drama marketing anchors.

      • Tyler Smith

        so you disagree with the news.. good..

      • So…. You follow Fox News philosophy: skim the facts, hold on to the details that are beneficial in my favour, ignore the remaining and attack based on those detains, ignoring the bigger picture.

        Good! Sir, you just acquire my respect.

      • Tyler Smith

        You are a special one aren’t you.. You wanna take away gun laws too?

      • I am not special. It just happens that I have opinions that diverge from yours. That’s all.

      • Marcus

        “Fox News only provides information blurred out to suffice what the religious middle class America wants to believe in.”

        I don’t think you would still stand by these words if you watched multiple stations or read from multiple sources. Personally, I watch Fox News because they offer more information about certain topics. There are details that other stations will leave out, but Fox has their viewers covered. I think that the other stations blur out information to make their viewers feel safe and good about their country. However, America is in a very bad state. Everyone deserves the right to know what is going on inside of the government.

        “and that is the main reason to why we have to analyse several sources in a thorough manner,”

        I agree with you completely on this. I think that someone should get their news from at least THREE different sources. Among people I know, CNN & Fox News are the most popular. Others might include MSNBC and maybe ABC News. I get my news from Fox, CNN, Tea Party, and the NY/LA Times. I get to read/hear things from a very broad perspective with lots of information. If anyone is reading this… Fox News should be a must-read source. If you want more check out some of the others I mentioned here.

      • Okay, I cannot argue with you on this one. I despise Fox News due to a couple of misfortunated events, but I have never actually read their articles thoroughly.

        I do disagree with their point of view sometimes, but that is not a reason to throw stones. I will try to read Fox News website for a week, so I can make a final opinion on the matter. Let us see what will I stumble upon.

      • Guest

        Stay away from Liberal news like MSNBC or CNN (anything but fox in tv is liberal) but CNN fakes news stories and fakes their location. They use green screens too. All on youtube. Love the videos of CNN reporters being shot at in a car and the bullets fromt he gun have the same sound (pitch and level) as they race down the street for miles. haha But check out their green screen videos and how other liberal news like abc news hides wounds on dark brown people they call white to make them look back and keep up the propaganda that white people are racist and all other races are victims. I don’t watch Fox News either but man are they better than liberal news.

      • Marcus

        Awesome! That sounds like a great idea. If you use Facebook, it might be a good idea to like their page for a week so that you can get their articles on your NewsFeed. I like several news station so that I can get a broad perspective when I’m scrolling through. I hope you have a change of mind!

    • James G

      Fox isn’t bad (Family Guy, Simpsons, other network TV shows as well). It’s Fox News we don’t want on our Apple TV’s.

      • James G

        The Following, another good one.

    • Tyler Smith

      please back up with facts then you can speak

    • gittlopctbi

      Way to hijack the story.

      • George

        I don’t see how I did that.

      • gittlopctbi

        Not surprising, I guess. Regards, anyway.

    • Guest

      The one conservative news on tv you don’t like? Hmm you must be a typical liberal who tries hard to censor any view points other than yours. Try and say I’m wrong…name one other news station that is conservative. Nope you can’t they are all liberal.

  • James G

    Give me a 4K capable Apple TV with a much better processor and usable AirPlay mirroring for gaming and I’ll give you another $100 for a new Apple TV, Apple!

  • Freemz

    Maybe it’s about time that Apple look at other countries not just the US, Apple is big in many countries, like here in the UK!
    I would prefer that they add on DTT channels via IPTV then let us decide what we want buy launching an Appstore so we can download what channels/Ondemand we would like.
    Maybe link it properly with the iPhone/Pad so we get on screen notifications of phone calls, texts etc, add in a camera attachment so we can facetime via our TV’s, and add a decent memory to it, at least 500GB so we can record TV and have enough space to customise the Apple TV to how we want it and for what we want to watch.
    But like I said, I would rather download what channels I want, what catch up tv I want via an Appstore, Apple could still do a live TV service and have it via an App download – but they must remember not to just assume that everyone lives in the US.

  • Probably just cable coming to the internet with the same time-wasting ads. XBMC is long past that…