voxoa hd headphones

Enjoy premium quality sound without the hassle of wires with the VOXOA HD Wireless Headphones, now 53% off at iDownloadBlog Deals. If you’ve been looking for a great pair of over-ear wireless headphones but don’t want to break the bank, this is the deal for you: they’re just $69.99.

With the VOXOA HD’s, you’ll get full-bodied bass, smooth mids and crisp, clear highs from the 64 ohm speakers. With the batteries lasting 16 hours on a single charge, you can use these for at least a couple days before needing to recharge (unless you are literally using them all day).

These headphones are set up for wireless streaming with Bluetooth 4.0, with embedded NFC for seamless and effortless connections.  As you would expect, you can use these with your iPhone, iPad, and more as a result of the built-in AAC decoder. You’ll also be able to take and make calls in HD, with the built-in microphone and “echo cancellation” feature to ensure crisp audio on your calls.

Slip these on and you’ll barely notice, as they are lightweight and ergonomically designed, plus they’re pretty minimal and stylish. They are foldable, weigh in at just 173g and come with a carrying pouch. They come in all-black, or white with black trim.

These headphones have great reviews on Amazon and with our discount, come in at a great price. Jump on this deal to get these premium wireless headphones for just $69.99 from iDownload Blog. Check out the deal.